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There are great videographers in Scottsdale and the Phoenix Metro area, so why hire me? Because the videos I film will make you—not cost you—money.


How can I say that? I know marketing. I know small business (I’ve worked with small business owners and managers for years). I’ve studied also consumer psychology (and know why they buy from some companies and not others). Most important, we won’t even begin to start filming until I’ve invested the time and energy to thoroughly understand and then to be able to effectively market your business. Once I’ve learned about your profession, customers, unique selling proposition, competition, and more,  I know exactly what your video needs to entice consumers to choose you over the competition.


I know my marketing video(s) will drive in new customers that will offset the cost of the video. Sound good? We should talk.


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Did I have as much enjoyment filming BubbleManiacs as the kids had playing in the foam? Yes, yes, I did. We were looking for an exciting, fast, colorful, and loaded with fun. For this shoot I had to use a GoPro Hero 9 (a camera that could actually be used in the foam). I also brought on a drone pilot to capture the action from the air. Big thanks to crew members Norm, Kody, and Tony for their help in filming. Chris and Paul were great to work for— thanks, guys. Also, special thanks to the kids who jumped around in the foam.
This was actually a bonus/free video that I put together for the nice folks at Shade n’ Net. The owner, Rudy Martinez, was very cool to work with, and he’s a fellow Steelers’ fan! Filming a video for a large manufacturer and installer was a little off the beaten path for us, but it was a fun experience. The facility was enormous, and the welders, grinders, sewers, and CAD/CAM experts were accommodating. I think they enjoyed having a chance to show their craft in front of the camera. For folks who work tough jobs like these, day in and day out, I have a lot of respect for you.
This is the second video I filmed for Sid, the owner of Luxe Bar and Luv Luxe, so I’ve spent a lot of time with her, Sarah, Lexi, Jaime, and the rest of the crew. Being at their shops find of feels like a second home to me. We get along great, and everyone has fun when we get together and film. They are a blast to work with (always keeping me laughing and amused…they are crazy). For locals or tourists hitting the Old Town area of Scottsdale, definitely stop by. The ice cream is decadent and the service is impeccable. Special thanks to the kids who helped us with the shoot (they were just relatives and friends of the Luxe Bar family), but they did a fantastic job!
AC Expert’s Owner/President Russ Ward was apprehensive about interviewing on camera (most clients are). I reassured him that I’d help him every step of the way and that he’d do wonderfully. If you provide a service to clients, customers, or patients, you have to establish trust and credibility. Without them, you’re not getting anyone’s business. The best way to get that trust and credibility is to put yourself in front of the camera, hire a good director, and speak from the heart. That’s what Russ did. He did great! I also appreciate working with Kid and Noy (helping me not to fall off the roof while filming). That was quite an experience 🙂
Luv Luxe is a family business—figuratively and literally. From Sid, who runs the show, to Sarah, Jaime, Lexi, Brenda, and everyone else, everyone works together and enjoys working with their high-end clientele. Admittedly, the shoot took longer than we anticipated. Some audio issues caused some heartburn, but everyone had fun (Sid laughed so hard she cried a little). The Luv Luxe family takes impeccable care of their inventory—they are serious about luxury handbag resale, but they’re also a heck of a lot of fun. Check them out if you’re in Scottsdale or on Instagram as well.
Really appreciate Suzie’s passion for helping her patients/clients at FitLife Med Spa. Filmmaker Norm and I had a great time filming her and her providers (Elvira, Heather & Kelly)—they joked that Norm and I were like a funny comedy team. Being filmed for a marketing video can be such a stressful experience for some people, so hearing that clients had a great experience in spite of the cameras and lights is gratifying. A family member expressed a desire to go to a spa like this, so I showed them Suzie’s video. They felt she genuinely cared about her clients and her team, and they were reassured and comforted that this spa had nurses working it it. Those were the two things we wanted to capture for this video, so I think we hit the target.
Quick, high-energy video I put together for Jim Bennitt and Dynamic Imagine + Distribution (diD)—a commercial printer in Chandler, AZ. I’ve worked with these guys since 2013. They’ve printed everything from a monthly 48-pg journal to flyers, business cards, and everything in between. They’re honest, reliable, super-responsive and accommodating people who have bent over backward to make me look good for years. First year I used them, I shaved $16k off our yearly expenses (prices are crazy low). Stop using Kinkos and crappy online printers—give these guys a shot. Seriously.
I was so glad to hear “The team loved it,” and, “You’re the best Jeremy, it looks awesome.” I appreciate the kind words, but I am thankful for the school admin staff and teachers, Marco and Mr. V (for helping me lug camera gear around the school), and the models for helping me out (the kids there were great too). Filming this shoot by myself wasn’t exactly what I had in mind (I had a crew member bail at the last minute), but “the show must go on,” and I am glad everyone’s happy with the result.
I’ve known Chris for a long time. He’s been a staple when it comes to supporting the Arizona Dental Association and organized dentistry in Arizona. I’ve also had the chance to work with him on some accounting. I like the way he works, and I like his honest, straightforward approach. Chris cares about his clients, but he doesn’t sugarcoat things, and he doesn’t just tell clients what they want to hear. In interviewing Chris, what stood out most to me is his passion to help clients make the most of their money AND avoid making mistakes.
We had to work around a busy surgery schedule, but had a great time filming Dr. Corwin Martin and his team at Estetica Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery, Scottsdale, AZ. Dr. Martin has a great sense of humor and in spite of not being thrilled about being on camera, he did a wonderful job. Estetica also has one of the nicest, poshest facilities I’ve ever seen. If they rented out rooms, they’d make a fortune. Special thanks to Estetica’s media director Michelle for all of her help and guidance throughout the process.
Business partners in Phx and LA came up with a hands-free toothbrush that can clean and whiten. I created a couple of upbeat videos for ULU. In an odd twist, I did not film all of the clips seen in the video. In full disclosure, I filmed and edited friend and AzDA member dentist Dr. Bienstock’s interview. The other four interviews were shot in CA. I edited, but did not film them—PHX to LA is a long drive with a truck-load of camera gear! I appreciate the partners trusting me to do the post production even though I didn’t shoot all of the interview footage. They indicated they were thrilled with the result.
This really was a fun event at the Chateaux Luxe in Phoenix, AZ. People were all over the place, and everyone had a blast. I know a lot of the folks who put on the event—very cool people, so that was a bonus. They expressed to me that she was so disappointed with past videos promoting this event (they were slow and boring), so they asked us to enjoy ourselves dive right into the action, and create a high-energy Christmas/holiday video that showed how much fun everyone was having. We nailed it.
Clint Ray and his team at Premium Granite were great to work with. Not only did they put in our countertops (which look great), they were fun to work with. Anyone in Arizona looking to remodel their kitchen or bathroom might consider giving them a shot. Clint is enjoyable to work with; he’s honest to a fault, and in spite of the differences in price/quality, he refused to disparage big-box retailers in his on-camera interview (instead, focusing on the quality, straightforward pricing, and personal service his company offers customers).
What I liked about Bodiac Sculpting is that it felt like a down-to-earth home away from home. It sort of felt like a neighborhood barbershop for men, but this was for mostly women. Barbara and Pete, as I like to think of all of my fellow Ohioans, are straight shooters—they really seem like honest, decent people who really do care about their clients. Barbara, Pete, and their team were a joy to work with—we even had a lot of fun with their clients who came in to help. We also appreciated the pizza and chicken wings from neighbor Zesty Zzeeks Pizza & Wings!
EDUCATIONAL VIDEO: I filmed this video along with 13 other educational videos for A.T. Still / ASDOH for their advanced care clinic’s teledentistry program. The footage was captured over a two-day shoot at the campus in Mesa, AZ. It was during a university break, so there weren’t many students or faculty on campus. Big thanks to project lead Assistant Professor and Director of Public Health Dentistry & Teledentistry Scott Howell, DMD, MPH. Dr. Howell was a pleasure to work with (as were he other dental assistants, dental students, and ASDOH’s Communication and Marketing Department).
This was one of five videos I filmed for MVS Marketing and Consulting agency and their upcoming Business Minds Unite seminar in Downtown Phoenix. This was a last-minute shoot (basically, we showed up at the host hotel on a Friday morning with a few rough scripts but no time to scout the location or run through a rehearsal ahead of time). I appreciated Marco and his team letting me know they had a great experience working with me. They loved the video, and they said they were so pleasantly surprised that the number of revisions they had with me we was far fewer than videographers they’d worked with in the past. Seems like I got their vision from the “get go,” and they were a blast to work with
This is a longer, step-by-step product video I did for some clients in North Scottsdale. In addition to filming and editing the project, I also did most of the voice over work. This project took longer than expected. We were supposed to film for just one day. However, the horse we were filming (a $300k horse) got a little antsy and temperamental, which means “We’re done filming for the day.” Most videographers would have adjusted the price for this, but I know the client’s budget was tight, so I did a second day of filming “on the house.” Filming outside on a ranch is definitely different than what I am used to, but it was fun. I also had to film on some ground/earth that the horse peed on. Gross, I know…but I am a professional, and it’s my job to “get the shot,” so I did. I did burn the shoes I wore after that shoot though 🙂
Like most small business owners, Steve’s uneasy in front of the camera, but he and his team a pleasure to film because they genuinely are dedicated to their craft and their dentist clients in Arizona—some of the most passionate people I’ve ever met. Denco has an impeccable reputation in the dental profession. After filming this project, I now know why.
I’ve done a handful of videos for The Cleaning Monkey in Sun City, Arizona. It’s been an honor working for Mike and his family. They are good, fair, and honest people, and that’s what they wanted this video to spotlight. Mike’s customers trust him with their most prized possession: their home, so he wanted me to show how much customers have confidence in him. What did he think of the video? “OH WOW!!!! That was perfect. Direct hit, my brother. That drove the point home for sure.” If you’re in the Sun Cities area of Arizona, definitely give Mike and his family a call to have your carpet, tile and grout, and upholstery cleaned.
I created the OSR logo and branding for owners Aaron and Kori Williams in the early 2000s. At the time, Aaron had one tiny clinic in an Anthem shopping mall. Years later he’s up to 7-8 clinics (it’s hard to keep track). In 2009 I went to work for OSR as their Director of Marketing before taking a role at the Arizona Dental Association, where I’ve been for more than six years. In 2017, OSR asked me to capture some of the stories from their Anthem/corporate employees before a team meeting. It was a last-minute project, but everyone had a great time and it all worked out. It’s always been a pleasure and an honor to be a small part of OSR extended family and part of their success—they are great people.
I’ve always been honored to film dentists and physicians treating their patients, but this project for Southwest Powder Coating was an engaging project that definitely took us off the beaten path! Mehdi, the manager of the facility, mentioned that he dropped 25lbs in about a year from being in the heat and in his hazmat suit. Filming in this environment wasn’t a picnic, but I respect those who are working in it day in and day out. #respect
The folks at Diamond Jim’s were great to work with—the team AND the customers that helped us out. The vibe was relaxed and friendly—like the customers were long-time friends with the team. Everyone enjoyed themselves so much that we approached Jim and James and let them know, “Uh, I think we’ve got all the shots we need. You can turn these folks loose if you want.” That never happens. Fun people and a really enjoyable shoot, Thanks, Diamond Jim’s.
It’s always fun flexing your creative muscle and pushing your artistic boundaries. With that in mind, this real estate video for a home in North Scottsdale was figuratively and literally off the beaten path for me. Appreciate the aerial footage from friend Mark DelSasso (photographer, storyteller, and drone pilot). I always enjoy working with you, Mark!
East Valley home wonderfully designed by a Phoenix interior designer. The home is both clean / modern and classic with an elegant but warm feeling. The designer wanted to integrate a French countryside feel—without the rustic look.
I’d known Steve for years before I filmed this book promotion for him. He has an impeccable reputation in the dental professional in Phoenix…in fact, in Arizona. I don’t know if I’ve interviewed someone else who was as passionate about the work they did, or the people they served, as Steve. I can see why he’s regarded so highly by Arizona dentists for his dental construction. For this project we filmed Steve at three different offices. Thanks to Dr. Jeff Schmelter for allowing us to use his office, Dr. Onika Patel for allowing us to use her office, and Dr. Sam Bollwinkel for allowing us to use his implant-placement teaching facility.
North Scottsdale home decorated by a Scottsdale interior design firm. This video is more of a luxury home tour that the owner’s used to find that special buyer. The home is on a massive desert property and is decorated with a traditional Southwest decor.
I had a great time working with RDH Alisha Luman of Pura Dental Products, LLC—spotlighting her invention for dental hygienists, the Freehand Ring. Alisha was frustrated with the inefficient workflow of using gauze during a prophy (it gets stuck and it often falls), so she got a 3D printer, learned CAD/CAM, and built a prototype. Five years of work, partnering with engineers, and a lot of family support, she created a pretty-impressive innovation. In the dental profession? Have a look—it’s pretty slick.
About the owner video for Jim Bennitt of Dynamic Imagine + Distribution (diD)—a commercial printer in Chandler, AZ. I’ve known and worked with Jim for years. He’s a stand-up, straightforward guy who cares about his print customers, as well as their success. Jim’s been a printer all his life, as he says, “Printing is the only job I know.” His dad was a printer, as are many of his relatives. He feel in love with printing at a young age and jumped right into the printing business after graduating from ASU.
More than a “rack ’em and crack ’em” provider, what struck me about getting to know (and then interview) Dr. Bogash is is knowledge and passion beyond the neck and spine. He goes through medical journals like a teenager goes through YouTube videos. After we finished the project, I referred both family and friends to him—both have come back with wonderful reports and results. As for the emphasis for this video, we wanted to show Dr. Bogash’s knowledge base extending beyond basic chiropractic care, as well as his passion to help patients who have all but given up hope for a better pain-free life. We also wanted to emphasize that Dr. Bogash’s treatments involve a lot of soft tissue work, which is vital in healing.
Jen Butler is a well known and respected business coach and consultant in the dental and medical professions. She and her team do everything from stress management to P&L analysis, business coaching, and even working side-by-side with the dental team (actually in scrubs, in the practice). Jen, her family, and I had a good time filming this project, although, I almost was eaten by one of her neighbor’s dogs. That story was funny enough to write about. Click on the image above to see Jen’s video (I’ll include a link to the story on that web page).
James of Big Dawg is a cool guy. He’s done some motivational speaking, so camera shy he wasn’t. We actually filmed his interview in the office of another vendor he works with, so it was kind of a crazy situation—no worries though. We made it work with no problems at all. James’ reaction to seeing the video for the first time, “I love it!” were the words he typed.
I put this video together as an added free bonus for James at Big Dawg Promotions. As a way to add some extra value for clients, I film more footage than what is necessary for the main video, and I actually cover topics that might be outside what we’ll include in it. I can then create these smaller/companion videos for free for clients as a way to say, “Thanks for working with and trusting in me—here’s a bonus for you.” It’s difficult to squeeze everything you want to say into a two-minute video, so these companion videos, especially if I might create one for free, is always appreciated!
Sean’s a fast-moving, no-nonsense guy, so when he decided he was ready to shoot this video, I needed to move quickly, and I needed to make sure the amount of downtime Sean would experience would be minimal—he’s way too busy. A lot of my clients, including physicians, attorneys, pastors, and dentists, are just too busy to wait around while I get things set up, so what I do is to make sure everything is ready when they arrive on set. They can sit, get comfortable, deliver their interview, and leave without wasting any of their time. That might not seem like much, but when you’re busy, it’s invaluable.
EDUCATIONAL VIDEO: I filmed and then edited a handful of these product launch videos for a new line of workbooks for a large education company in Chandler, AZ. I worked with a friend and former colleague of mine who was one of the directors at this company. We were co-leaders on a developmental team at an eLearning education company called KnowledgeNet back in the early 2000s. For this project, we filmed one instructor and two students. The student featured in this video was a joy to work with. She was outstanding. There was a fair amount of back and forth during the post production process, but everyone was happy in how it turned out.
I was actually filming another event when Big Mike and his crew approached me about putting together a quick video for him (so long as we were already shooting footage at the event). Sure, I was game for helping him out. The lighting at this venue was less than ideal…it was out and out bad, but we did the best we could by turning up our camera ISO. I wish the footage looked a little better, but I was glad Big Mike liked what we filmed nonetheless.
This is the second video I had the honor to film for Jim and his team at DID. The first one was a couple of years ago and featured the owner Jim speaking on camera. I wanted to focus this video on DID's commitment to customer satisfaction, which I've experienced firsthand since 2013 (yeah, that's a long time). I wanted the video to be quick, hard-hitting, but professional. Instead of interviewing Jim again (he didn't want to do that) I did the voice-over for the video. If you're in Arizona and looking for a competitively priced, first-rate printer that does what he says and says what he does, try Jim and DID. You won't regret it.
I've had the honor to work with Johnny for a couple of decades. He's been a good client and a good friend, and he's also an international celebrity hairstylist (sort of a celebrity in his own right). I've created everything from Johnny's logo, brand, book, collateral, and now, his videos. While we tried some AI voice-over options, Johnny wanted me to do the voice-over for him. We wanted this video to be lively and uplifting, but at the same time, it has an elegance to it as well. Johnny's testimonial, "I had an incredible experience with Jeremy, my mentor from Beverly Hills celebrity stylist Masaki. He flew all the way to Arizona to assist me with a TV appearance for NBC! Jeremy and his production team did an amazing job creating a promotional video for my business behind the scenes. I couldn't be happier with the experience. If you're looking to elevate your business, I highly recommend reaching out to Jeremy. You won't be disappointed!"
I shot a total of three different videos for owner Shawn Ramey--filmed for him and his crew 4-5 different times (I lost track)! Shawn has become a good friend over the time we've worked together, and he and his team installed a top-notch putting green and mini soccer field in our backyard. Shawn's a tough cookie, but he loved how the videos turned out. Shawn's testimonial, "Dude I absolutely love it! I genuinely appreciate all of your effort and hard work. I couldn't be happier with the videos. I called it and it goes to my office so I don't think it's a big deal. I don't want you to have to do any more work than you already have. My friend it was well worth it I'm really happy."
What a fun store, and it's huge! The guys at Casa Decor (including Carlos who I interviewed) were super accomodating and enjoyable to work with. They basically let us run around the massive showroom and film whatever caught our eye. We also got some nice drone footage from outside and INSIDE the store. However, wow, it was a hot day when we filmed, and that warehouse does not have A/C. The guys reported that the video brought in some new customers who saw they offer custom-built furniture.
I've filmed for Suzie and her crazy crew a couple of times. They're hysterical, and we always have a good time filming. On this shoot, I took portrait photos of Suzie and the whole team. They loved how the photos turned out. Suzie's testimonial, "Jeremy is a wonderful professional. We spent time on the phone and via email to prepare for our video shoot. The day of the shoot he made sure that everything went smoothly and that everyone was comfortable and had a great time. The end product is fabulous! We can't wait to start using our video in marketing our business. We highly recommend Jeremy! We will refer other business owners to you, no doubt!!!"
Scott, Jen, and their team found me through a Google search. They told me they reached out to a handful of videographers, but I was the only one "who got it." I spent extra time and TLC making sure Scott was prepared to speak in front of the camera. He wasn't sure how it'd turn out. Getting him to talk wasn't a problem at all. Getting him to stop talking was. LOL! Here is their testimonial, "Our experience working with Jeremy Tuber was an absolute joy! When I first got in touch with him, we were in a real pinch after being left high and dry by another production company. From our very first conversation, Jeremy was eager to help us and he found a way to squeeze us in. He prepared us for what would be needed so that shooting the video was a fun, smooth process. We never once had to reach out to him to get an update...his follow up and communication was exceptional! Best of all, we are thrilled with the final result! There's a reason why he's getting all these five star reviews...Tuber Video Productions is the real deal."
I've filmed a couple of times for Barb and Pete. They're just good, salt-of-the-earth people from my area of the country (Ohio). Barb has since pivoted away from this business model and moved into what she really has a passion for. Who knows? I might be shooting another video for them in the future. Barb's testimonial, "Jeremy was tremendously helpful at setting up, during the actual shoot, and post-shoot. Our video was so professional and many of our clients commented on it. Very appreciative of the work he did for Bodiac Sculpting overall and know that this will help drive my brand within my community. Thank you so much for Tuber video production and marketing."
This was a joint project with the MVS Marketing Agency, with whom I've done a handful of projects. This was a fun but holy moly, it was a challenging shoot. We had a couple of locations to go to, and there was a heat advisory that day. You know what you do? You power through it, and we did! The employees at Valleywise Health and Heart of Isaac were so nice and giving people (they do so much for the community) it was an honor to help promote the resources they provide. Their testimonial, "Jeremy recently helped our agency create promotional videos for a client, and the results were nothing short of amazing. Not only did he produce fantastic videos that left our client thrilled, but he also worked tirelessly during a long shoot between multiple locations, ensuring the final product was top-notch. His professionalism, dedication, and efficiency are much appreciated. We couldn't be happier with his work, and we wholeheartedly recommend Jeremy for any project!"