Want your promotional videos to bring in sales, customers, and get you to that next level of success? Make sure your videographer is a marketing professional

There are great videographers in Scottsdale and the Phoenix Metro area, so why hire me? Because the videos I film will make you—not cost you—money.

How can I say that? I know marketing. I know small business (I’ve worked with small business owners and managers for year). I’ve studied also consumer psychology (and know why they buy from some companies and not others). Most important, we won’t even begin to start filming until I’ve invested the time and energy to thoroughly understand and then to be able to effectively market your business. Once I’ve learned about your profession, customers, unique selling proposition, competition, and more,  I know exactly what your video needs to entice consumers to choose you over the competition.

I know my marketing video(s) will drive in new customers that will offset the cost of the video. Sound good? We should talk.

Take your time perusing the business marketing videos on this page, and then click the following link to see why small businesses hire me to film their online marketing video.

Quick highlight reel of some of the videos I’ve put together over the years—fun stuff.  If you haven’t already, check this video out first to get a glimpse of what I can do 🙂 While this footage is fine, I am always learning new techniques and improving my craft, so you can expect your project will look better than the examples found in this video.


Like most small business owners, Steve’s uneasy in front of the camera, but he and his team a pleasure to film because they genuinely are dedicated to their craft and their dentist clients in Arizona—some of the most passionate people I’ve ever met. Denco has an impeccable reputation in the dental profession. After filming this project, I now know why.

jen butler business coach and consultant for dentists

Jen Butler is a well known and respected business coach and consultant in the dental and medical professions. She and her team do everything from stress management to P&L analysis, business coaching, and even working side-by-side with the dental team (actually in scrubs, in the practice). Jen, her family, and I had a good time filming this project, although, I almost was eaten by one of her neighbor’s dogs. That story was funny enough to write about. Click on the image above to see Jen’s video (I’ll include a link to the story on that web page).

lifecare chiropractic doctor james bogash

More than a “rack ’em and crack ’em” provider, what struck me about getting to know (and then interview) Dr. Bogash is is knowledge and passion beyond the neck and spine. He goes through medical journals like a teenager goes through YouTube videos. After we finished the project, I referred both family and friends to him—both have come back with wonderful reports and results.

As for the emphasis for this video, we wanted to show Dr. Bogash’s knowledge base extending beyond basic chiropractic care, as well as his passion to help patients who have all but given up hope for a better pain-free life. We also wanted to emphasize that Dr. Bogash’s treatments involve a lot of soft tissue work, which is vital in healing.

luxury real estate tour scottsdale

North Scottsdale home decorated by a Scottsdale interior design firm. This video is more of a luxury home tour that the owner’s used to find that special buyer. The home is on a massive desert property and is decorated with a traditional Southwest decor.

OSR Physical Therapy Arizona

I created the OSR logo and branding for owners Aaron and Kori Williams in the early 2000s. At the time, Aaron had one tiny clinic in an Anthem shopping mall. Years later he’s up to 7-8 clinics (it’s hard to keep track). In 2009 I went to work for OSR as their Director of Marketing before taking a role at the Arizona Dental Association, where I’ve been for more than six years.

In 2017, OSR asked me to capture some of the stories from their Anthem/corporate employees before a team meeting. It was a last-minute project, but everyone had a great time and it all worked out. It’s always been a pleasure and an honor to be a small part of OSR extended family and part of their success—they are great people.


Quick, high-energy video I put together for Jim Bennitt and Dynamic Imagine + Distribution (diD)—a commercial printer in Chandler, AZ. I’ve worked with these guys since 2013. They’ve printed everything from a monthly 48-pg journal to flyers, business cards, and everything in between. They’re honest, reliable, super-responsive and accommodating people who have bent over backward to make me look good for years. First year I used them, I shaved $16k off our yearly expenses (prices are crazy low). Stop using Kinkos and crappy online printers—give these guys a shot. Seriously.


About the owner video for Jim Bennitt of Dynamic Imagine + Distribution (diD)—a commercial printer in Chandler, AZ. I’ve known and worked with Jim for years. He’s a stand-up, straightforward guy who cares about his print customers, as well as their success. Jim’s been a printer all his life, as he says, “Printing is the only job I know.” His dad was a printer, as are many of his relatives. He feel in love with printing at a young age and jumped right into the printing business after graduating from ASU.

big dawg productions-james mckinney

James of Big Dawg is a cool guy. He’s done some motivational speaking, so camera shy he wasn’t. We actually filmed his interview in the office of another vendor he works with, so it was kind of a crazy situation—no worries though. We made it work with no problems at all. James’ reaction to seeing the video for the first time, “I love it!” were the words he typed.

big dawg promotions door to door advertising

I put this video together as an added free bonus for James at Big Dawg Promotions.  As a way to add some extra value for clients, I film more footage than what is necessary for the main video, and I actually cover topics that might be outside what we’ll include in it. I can then create these smaller/companion videos for free for clients as a way to say, “Thanks for working with and trusting in me—here’s a bonus for you.” It’s difficult to squeeze everything you want to say into a two-minute video, so these companion videos, especially if I might create one for free, is always appreciated!


I’d known Steve for years before I filmed this book promotion for him. He has an impeccable reputation in the dental professional in Phoenix…in fact, in Arizona. I don’t know if I’ve interviewed someone else who was as passionate about the work they did, or the people they served, as Steve. I can see why he’s regarded so highly by Arizona dentists for his dental construction. 

For this project we filmed Steve at three different dental offices. Special thanks to Dr. Jeff Schmelter for allowing us to use his office, Dr. Onika Patel for allowing us to use her office, and Dr. Sam Bollwinkel for allowing us to use his implant-placement teaching facility (what an incredible/modern space that is). 

rfs health

Revere Financial Services has served the dental professional in Arizona for quite a while. Elayne Jackson and her daughter Lauren are well respected and well known, so it was an honor to work with them on this quick project. This video was part of a marketing roll out for the Arizona Dental Association’s new group health benefit for member dentists in the spring of 2019. Elayne and Lauren didn’t have much time to prepare before we started filming, so it was kind of an impromptu shoot…worked out okay though (and they had fun!)


Business partners in Phx and LA came up with a hands-free toothbrush that can clean and whiten. I created a couple of upbeat videos for ULU. In an odd twist, I did not film all of the clips seen in the video. In full disclosure, I filmed and edited friend and AzDA member dentist Dr. Bienstock’s interview. The other four interviews were shot in CA. I edited, but did not film them—PHX to LA is a long drive with a truck-load of camera gear! I appreciate the partners trusting me to do the post production even though I didn’t shoot all of the interview footage. They indicated they were thrilled with the result.


I had a great time working with RDH Alisha Luman of Pura Dental Products, LLC—spotlighting her invention for dental hygienists, the Freehand Ring. Alisha was frustrated with the inefficient workflow of using gauze during a prophy (it gets stuck and it often falls), so she got a 3D printer, learned CAD/CAM, and built a prototype. Five years of work, partnering with engineers, and a lot of family support, she created a pretty-impressive innovation. In the dental profession? Have a look—it’s pretty slick.

This was a video of firsts. I met Paul for the first time just a couple of minutes before we filmed. I actually filmed the video as a favor to a friend.

I was also working with DP Chris “CT” Lee for the first time—we were sorting out how to work best with each other—everything worked out just fine. Paul’s a classy but quirky guy, and he’s sharp, so I went with an upbeat Jazz track in the background. More than anything else, he wanted to emphasize that he’s not like other brokers who just send out comps, and he really wants to make sure his clients are a good fit before taking them on. We shot this in about an hour (quick).

The hardest part of the shoot was a rogue bee or wasp who wouldn’t stop pestering the guys as they were shaking hands outside. No one got stung, but that bee was ticked off at someone 🙂

Luxury real estate home tour

East Valley home wonderfully designed by a Phoenix interior designer. The home is both clean / modern and classic with an elegant but warm feeling. The designer wanted to integrate a French countryside feel—without the rustic look.