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If you are a dentist in Scottsdale , Phoenix, Tucson, or Flagstaff, looking to use video marketing for your dental practice, you’ve come to right place

If you practice dentistry in Arizona (or if you’re a dental student at the Arizona School of Oral Health and Dentistry—ASDOH in Mesa, Arizona, or Midwestern University—MWU in Glendale, Arizona), you might know me. I’ve been the director of marketing and communications and managing editor at the Arizona Dental Association since 2010. The Association’s of the branding, social media, marketing, WRDE promotions, and the monthly journal, Inscriptions, well, that’s my handiwork.

I know dentistry…more than anyone else in the entire state (except one person).

Arizona dentists hire me to film their dental practice marketing videos because they work—they bring in patients, and I offer a 100% money-back guarantee that you and your team will love working with me (it’s a great team-building exercise, and even the most camera-shy team members feel comfortable and enjoy themselves).

Just as important, I make the process easy, efficient, and painless. From working with dentists for over ten years, I know you have too much on your plate already (and maybe you’re not super comfortable on camera). Don’t worry. When you work with me, I’ll do all of the heavy lifting so all you have to do is show up. You won’t have to worry about writing a script, memorizing anything, or reading from a teleprompter (you and I will just have a casual conversion while the cameras roll in the background). I will encourage and coach you through the whole process, and I will be mindful of your busy schedule. Oh, and no matter how apprehensive you are about being on camera, I’ll make sure you look and sound like a rock star.

Check out some of the dental videos I’ve done on this web page. I’ve done a lot of them. Click the following link to get all of the info on what I can do for your dental practice (and why your dentist peers hire me to market their practice). I also know that dentists are hit hard with costs, so I’ve priced my dental office marketing videos so that any practice that’s serious about growing can afford a marketing video that will drive in new patients. Check out my dental office video prices here.

I know how busy your days can be—running from one op to another. Considering video marketing for your practice probably won’t happen during the day when you’re focused on production. So, I invite you to connect with me when it’s convenient for you—drop us a line or just send me a text at (480) 331-7371 as early as 6am, as late as 9:30pm, on the weekends, and even on most holidays.

If I am not working with a client or have something on my plate, I will respond to you immediately. If I can’t, we’ll find a time that’s convenient for you to discuss what’s going on with your practice and how I might be able to help. Running a practice is tough. I want to make your life easier.

We’re honored to have been asked by dentists practicing outside of Arizona if we’ll travel to film their dental practice marketing videos. In fact, we have traveled to Anaheim, CA to film a multi-office DSO. If you’re practicing outside of Arizona but would really like us to take on your project, don’t hesitate to drop us a line or a text message at (480) 331-7371.

Videos for out-of-state dental practices are filmed on Saturday mornings (leaving Friday and Sunday as travel days). Costs for out-of-state dental practices vary—depending on availability, travel time, as well as the cost of travel, and room & board for two of us (me and another camera operator).

Your dentist colleagues have trusted me for over a decade to share their passion for dentistry (and to help them drive in new patients). You should too

Highlight reel of dental office marketing videos I’ve filmed over the years.
Scroll down and have a look—how many Arizona dentists, hygienists, dental assistants, and front office professionals do you recognize?

This was just a random clip I shot while filming for Dr. Alan Curtis of Curtis Orthodontics. What I want to share with you is that not only are you going to have a video you feel great about, but you AND your team will enjoy working with me. Ultimately, I know that your colleagues hire me to film a video that will drive new patients into their practice (that’s why you hire someone like me who has been in marketing since 2000 and in the dental space since 2010). At the same time, I am going to make sure you and your team have a no-stress, memorable, fun day working with me.
This was the first time Dr. Trent Miner of Paseo Ranch Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics has been interviewed on camera, and he was naturally a little apprehensive. I hadn’t met Dr. Miner before filming, but we built a rapport quickly. I specialize in working with dentists who aren’t super comfortable on camera. Actually, Dr. Miner did a great job—his friendly and genuine nature shined through. Dr. Miner shared the following feedback with me after the shoot was done, “The videos you did for us are awesome. Thank you for all your help…you definitely made me look better than I do. Your work is great.”
This video was filmed during the COVID pandemic, so all of us had more PPE on than we would have liked. Still, Dr. House did a terrific job in projecting an inviting, professional, gentle, and caring environment. When I posted this video on social media, I shared, “Some people choose their careers; some fall into theirs. However, I think Dr. House was born to be a dentist—after watching this video, it’s my hope that patients will feel the same way!” I do think this video does an exceptional job of easing patient’s potential fears and encouraging them to reach out to Dr. House’s office for an appointment. I attribute that more Dr. House’s charisma and camera presence rather than an incredibly-cinematic video. However, isn’t that what it’s all about anyway? Allowing the dentist and their team to shine so that they drive in new patients? I think we nailed it on this one.
Marathon but great video and photo shoot for Dr. Ahmed Collins of Diamond Dental, Phoenix. We filmed two videos for the dental practice, three dental patient interviews (one of them was in Spanish), and took individual and group photos of the dental team. The team loved their photos, but yes, they were particular about them! The patient video testimonials were compelling, and Dr. Collins did terrific on his interview (despite his early apprehension). I told you that you’d do great, Doc! ‘preciate Dr. Collin’s feedback after her saw the final videos and photos, “Your work is outstanding, and the finished product is amazing.”

The video directly above is Facebook live interview I did with Roadside Dental Marketing in 2021. If you’ve never met me and wondering if I really do know dentistry and video—if I really know my stuff, check it out. I think you’ll like what you hear.


In this interview, I chat about:

  • When should a dentist consider hiring a video production company and when should the team do DIY videos?
  • What’s a fair price for a dental practice video?
  • What should dentists look for when hiring a video production company?
  • What is the most effective way a dental practice video can get patients to schedule an appointment?
If you scroll down this page, you’ll see a longer video I filmed for dentist Dr. Alan Curtis, it involves an interview. For this dental office marketing video, he wanted something that was upbeat and really fun. Dr. Curtis has kind of a silly quirky side, so while this video works great for his young patients, I understand it might not work for a Phoenix or Scottsdale periodontist, endodontist, prosthodontist, etc.
Quite an distinction to work with dentist Dr. Jacqueline Allen and Kevin Conroy at Phoenix Endodontic Group. These endodontists know a lot of videographers, marketing agencies, and video production companies in Phoenix, so I was honored they chose to work with me. The video production shoots for their Phoenix and Paradise Valley offices were the epitome of a family effort—both of our families helped out!
Wanted to show off how much fun we had with Dr. Ray Tanaka and Dr. Cynthia Leong (Glendale, AZ) and their dental team. They have a great friendly/family vibe at their practice (led by their office manager Harriet), and we wanted to capture that in a separate fun highlight video. Drs. Tanaka and Leong were a genuine pleasure to work with. We’re so glad that EVERYONE had a great time!
This is a short punchy dentist office video that just shows the fun kids have at this dental practice. I always shoot more footage than needed, so including these add-on videos as sort of a bonus is a nice way for me to say, “Thanks, Doctor. It was great working with you!” If you missed it, the longer version of this video (including interview footage) is toward the top of the page.
Coincidentally, I’d met and actually interviewed dentist Dr. Harman in a random chance meeting at the state dental meeting in Phoenix, Arizona (Phoenix Convention Center) years before. I remembered Dr. Harman, and thankfully, not only had he remembered me, but I’d gotten considerably better at filming and directing by the time we filmed Dr. Harman’s dental office promotional video.
Dentist Dr. Bazargan was a joy to work with, and of all of the dental office YouTube videos I filmed for Sonoran Desert Dentistry, this one was my favorite. I think Dr. Bazargan was really surprised how fast I was able to film and put this together. I think this video was her favorite too!
I had a great time filming this dental practice video for Dr. Kamran Fattah and his team at Scottsdale Family Smiles. Dr. Fattah was apprehensive about being on camera, but check it out, he did a wonderful job focusing on why he cares so much about dentistry and his patients. He and his dental team spoke from their heart, and that’s what makes their dental office vibe and video different. Dr. Fattah also has impressive technology in his practice—some stuff I’d never seen before!
Dr. Choules is an avid photographer, so it was fun to show him a behind-the-scenes look at our video gear—even showing him on set what some of the shots looked like (so he could offer some thoughts). Both he and his team (Nicole, Jeannie, and Crystal) were a joy to work with. I also want to thank Regina from Fortune Management for helping out with the shoot (coming in as one of the patients).

Video production equipment

This is an actual set up at a dental office. Check out how much gear goes into making certain that you, your dental team, and your dental patients giving testimonials look and sound genuine, confident, and trustworthy.

Quick impromptu dental video done for friend, fellow editor, and dentist Dr. Eric Curtis in Safford, Arizona. This is proof that dentists are as much artists as they are scientists and healthcare professionals. Quite an honor to feature Dr. Curtis “the artist.” As a hobbyist, he works in tile/mosaic, oils, graphite, stained glass, clay, fabric (weaving), etching/engraving, and in this video, water colors. I’ve worked with Dr. Curtis since 2010. He is one of the wisest, most well-rounded people I’ve ever met. It has been a pleasure and a joy to work with him while I’ve been at the Arizona Dental Association.
This was the second dental practice video I filmed for Dr. Kamran Fattah and his team at Scottsdale Family Smiles. Dr. Fattah had a video production company come in and film for him before. He was, however, still apprehensive about interviewing on camera. I reassured him that it would be a fun experience and that he’d do great. He did wonderfully, and I asked him if the process was as tough as he was expecting. I appreciated him telling me that I made it easy for him!
dentist-sadia-zubairi Dentist Dr. Sadia Zubairi, Scottsdale, Arizona, was the first dentist who sat down with me before her interview to discuss specifically what she wanted to talk about during her dental marketing video—a brilliant idea. Because of this, I was able to shepherd her through the video interview process (making sure what she said on camera matched what we’d talked about before the cameras were rolling). Dr. Sadia was a little apprehensive about speaking on camera, but she did wonderfully. I was just disappointed that I couldn’t include more of her interview into the final cut.
This was one of three videos I’d filmed for Dr. Allison House, which saved her a lot of time and money. In talking with Dr. House on the phone, it was clear that she was both knowledgeable and passionate about protecting her team and her patient through the COVID-19 pandemic. She was on one of the American Dental Association’s initial task forces when the pandemic first hit. She invested a load of time and resources into upgrading her office to protect her team and patients, so I suggested to her that we create a separate video to showcase the protocols she’s integrated.
This is one of a couple of videos I put together for friend Dr. Laila Hishaw (Tucson, AZ) and her Diversity in Dentistry Mentorships Inc. program. Special thanks to Dr. Williams for allowing us to film in her practice, as well as Dr. Diggs for joining us. Of course thanks to Dr. Hishaw. It was great to work with you, and I appreciated your first reaction to the video, “I love it!!! And did you even change my shirt color to match the logo?! You’re amazing. Thanks again, Jeremy! This is amazing!”
Filming the dentists at Sonoran Desert Dentistry was fun—really. All three doctors were a little wary about interviewing in front of video cameras, but they all had a great time (and they did great). As a video marketing professional, it’s important to get the footage you need. However, it’s equally important to ensure that everyone has a good experience. Even if you’re a little wary about being on camera, I’ll make sure you’re comfortable and that you genuinely have a good experience.

On Set

Hard at work in a dental video production shoot in Flagstaff, Arizona. To work around the doctors’ schedules and a busy dental patient load, I was on the road at 4:15am. For me, this is all in a day’s work. Great shoot, but yes, I did take nap when I got back to Phoenix.

I was going for a high-energy clip that shows learning, social events, and fun attendee interactions for this dental meeting hype video. Special thanks to AzDA member dentist and friend Dr. Tung Bui (Tucson endodontist) for his terrific drone footage. WRDE, the Western Regional Dental Experience, Phoenix, AZ is the annual meeting of the Arizona Dental Association. Held every spring, it brings in 4-5k dental professionals (dentists, hygienists, dental team members, and dental companies from around the state and around the country). The 2019 meeting is held at the Renaissance Resort and Spa in Glendale, AZ (right next to where the Arizona Cardinals play football). WRDE is the largest annual dental meeting in Arizona.
This is the second office I filmed for Phoenix Endodontic Group—this dental video production was for endodontist Dr. Susan Wood in Paradise Valley. It was fun mounting the GoPro camera on the CBCT arm that rotates around the dental patient. Phoenix Endodontic Group’s PV dental office is professional yet home-like and quaint. I don’t know who designed the dental office, but they did a wonderful job.
Board-certified orthodontist Dr. Chris Murphy and his dental team in North Scottsdale were great to work with. My favorite part of this dental office video is Dr. Murphy recalling a terrific experience with his ortho—then conceding that his ortho headgear “wasn’t awesome.” LOL. These unexpected, impromptu sound bits give an authentic and good-natured feel to the video. They also help potential dental patients feel a more personal, emotional connection with the doctor. When potential dental patients perceive they kind of like, know, and can trust a dentist, they’ll schedule an appointment. That is the magic of video marketing for dentists.
This how to brush with braces instructional video for Dr. Alan Curtis was a first for me in a couple respects: I’d never done a dental instructional video before, and I have never appeared in one of the videos I filmed. This project was a heck of a lot of fun for all of us. The dental assistant Amber did a great job—I didn’t know she had it in her. After my performance as a general practice dentist, I think it might be best if I stay behind the camera. Check out the outtakes / bloopers in the video towards the top of this page. It’s clear I am not cut out to be a dentist or an actor.
I put this video together quickly for Dr. Onika Patel. Funny in calling her “doctor.” I knew her when she was Onika, the dental student. Dr. Patel’s done some incredible work for the Arizona Dental Association and even the ADA. I, and so many others in the dental profession in Arizona, are proud of what she’s accomplished. This dental practice video promotes Dr. Patel’s new practice, Minted Dental (in Desert Ridge). However, because that office is in the process of being built by Denco Dental Construction, we filmed this at the Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health (ASDOH), where Dr. Patel is an instructor.
Dr. Chris Lewandowski is one of the funniest dentists I’ve ever met. His dry, understated sense of humor had me laughing so hard that it ruined a couple of handheld camera shots I tried to take! One other thing I want to point out is that Dr. Lew stepped in and helped out one of my camera operators with an oral health issue he was having. WOW! Seeing his video for the first time, I was so pleased with Dr. Lewandowski’s reaction, “I LOVE IT!! I think you did a fantastic job! I’m so impressed. It must have taken a while to put all those tiny tidbits of audio together! Haha And the video blends together so seamlessly. The final product is excellent. You actually were able to make me look and sound pretty good too. I appreciate all the hard work that must have went into that piece, and can’t wait to see more. You have a true talent!”
Upbeat dental product video I shot and edited for ULU, a new hands-free toothbrush. This really was a spur-of-the-moment video shoots—we didn’t have the time to develop a solid creative direction over the course of weeks or even days. Still, the project turned out really well, and the client was thrilled. Unusually, I did NOT film all of the clips seen in the video. I filmed and edited friend and AzDA member dentist Dr. Bienstock’s interview. The other four interviews were shot in CA. I edited, but did not film them—I was asked to film these interviews, but LA is a long drive with a truck-load of camera gear.
This is the second video I did for pediatric dentist Dr. Mathew Jensen—it’s his second practice as well. In addition to having a great time with Dr. Jensen and his family during the first video we filmed, it was great to hear that the video was successful in driving in patients. Once the video was added to the practice website, patients started coming through the doors…and that’s exactly what I want to hear! As soon as Dr. Jensen got this second location built, he gave me a ring and I filmed this video for him.

Behind the Scenes

This is an actual set up at a dental office. Check out how much gear goes into making certain that you, your dental team, and your dental patients giving testimonials look and sound genuine, confident, and trustworthy.

Dentist Dr. Hamed was skeptical his dental office video would turn out well right after his interview was over—he didn’t feel like he did that well. I reassured him that the video would come out great, and that he was being too tough on himself. I specialize in working with doctors who are new and even apprehensive about doing an interview—I can make everyone look and sound great (that’s my job!). Furthermore, I encouraged Dr. Hamed that the background music, vibrancy of the video footage, the great kids we had come in, and (most important) his fun and friendly interactions with the kids would compel parents to schedule an appointment at his practice. I can’t wait to see how this video helps his practice. His enthusiasm and cordial demeanor towards kids shines in this video, and that’s exactly what parents are looking for!
First music / dance video I’ve put together. This is for our (the Arizona Dental Association’s) annual dental meeting (WRDE). Thx to ASDOH and MWU dental students, as well as Dr. Mai-Ly Duong for showing off their awesome moves—smart to let me film but not dance, also, special thanks to the management and staff of the Renaissance Hotel and Spa in Glendale for letting us film on location.
Dr. Ahmed Collins, dentist and owner of Diamond Dental was a little apprehensive about being on camera and being in the lime light, but check out the video. He did great. I do everything I can to make sure everyone I work with feels as prepared, confident, and supported as possible. It’s hard for me to be on camera, so I can completely empathize with the dentists who I am filming. Take a peek at how Dr. Collins did—he presents himself as calm, gentle, and caring. I’d give that an “A” in my grade book.
So what happens when I step in front of the camera to act as a referring GP to an orthodontist? Well, let’s just say I knew long ago I didn’t have the aptitude to be a dentist. I now know it’s better I stay behind rather than in front of the camera when rolling 🙂 Still, what this shows is not only am I a bad actor, but that you and your entire team are going to have fun during this experience, and isn’t that important too? What’s the point of getting a good dental dental promotional video if it’s a stressful, unpleasant experience? Work with me, and I promise everyone (dentist, hygienists, office manager, dental assistants, and patients) will be respected, be comfortable, and they’ll have fun.
This was one of the first videos I filmed for Dr. Brad Willcox. It was created to play in the front office area before patients were brought back to the dental operatories. Because dental patients are often unaware of the full gamut of procedures and treatments a dental practice offers, dentist marketing videos like these are effective in helping dental patients discover and elect to take advantage of services they wouldn’t otherwise have known about.
This is the second video I filmed for pediatric dentist Dr. Mathew Jensen. Dr. Jensen’s a blast to work with. He’s got great energy; he’s always positive; and he’s a natural in front of the camera. Dr. Jensen’s got a friendly, accommodating team, and all of us have one heck of a time while on set.
Continuing on in promoting AzDA’s Women in Dentistry program, I worked with Dr. Jeanette McClain (Peoria, Arizona) and her family for this dental promotional video that shows a day in the life of a frenetically-busy women dentist (and mom). Dr. Jeanette had loads of energy and was a blast to work with. She’s an exceptional kid’s dentist, and is the queen of Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF), but I have a feeling she might have been a solid actor had she taken a different path in life!
This was another video marketing idea I came up with at lunchtime. I’ve trained with these boxers and boxing trainers before, and it occurred to me that organized dentistry functions a lot like a coach, resource, and a mentor in your boxing corner (especially when things get rough). Special thanks to my boxing buds Billy, Rollin, and Uncle Jerry, for their help.
This dental marketing video production shoot promoted a new dental business management program to new dentists in Arizona. This THEOS (To Help Each Other Succeed) program is an ADA award-winning program in its second year. Special thanks to Clinical Instructor at the Center for Advanced Oral Health (ASDOH, in Mesa, Arizona) Dr. Mai-Ly for her help. Coincidentally, it was the first dental video I ever filmed and directed.
I visited dentist Dr. Kyla Hollen to do a story on her for the Arizona Dental Association’s monthly publication (I am the managing editor). Filming a dental promotional video wasn’t on my “to d” list heading down to Tucson that day. Because we had a little extra time before the mock dental patients arrived, I put this together for her. I’d never met Dr. Hollen before that day, and we pretty much threw everything together at the last minute. During the interview, the cameras are sitting atop a step ladder and a handful of Dr. Hollen’s pediatric dentistry text books from dental school. The out-of-frame mic was placed on a cushion/stool right in front of her but below the camera.
Dental patients of Dr. Eric Curtis and Dr. Kay Curtis of Mount Graham Dental in Safford, Arizona. These people were like family to the dentists—some of their families had been visiting these dentists for several generations. Dr. Eric Curtis has been AzDA’s long-time editor and has become a dear friend and mentor of the years. It’s funny, I’ve never seen him at a loss for words in a conversation. Even though he’s a Renaissance Man and has interests in pursuits outside of the dental office, he genuinely loves his profession and patients.
Yep, this is another lunchtime inspiration I had to film this video promotion for the American Dental Association (ADA). Dr. Tal Masswerman and Dr. Danielle Goldstein and their team (Scottsdale, Arizona), along with our team, had a blast. We ended filming around 10pm and everyone was pretty silly by then. Dr. Tal had a great sense of humor and was a joy to work with. This dental marketing video was filmed early in my videography career. It was fun, but I can spot a lot of things I’d do differently now.
I’ve done a lot of dental patient testimonial videos for Accucare—so many that I could set up my A/V gear in their front office with my eyes closed and one hand tied behind me. Consumers trust video testimonials exponentially more than mere text testimonials (or even text testimonials accompanied by a photo). The dental office manager, and I have got the process down so well we get dental patients in and out within 5-10 minutes. As a result, we can film a truckload of the dentist’s patient video testimonials in a short amount of time, which saves the dental practice money.
I had actually gotten footage of Dr. Austin Willcox (Scottsdale, AZ) in some other videos, so I was excited to be able to film a video for just him. He’s got a quick and dry sense of humor that made the shoot a lot of fun—a lot like his dentist brother, Dr. Brad Willcox.
This is the second of the two videos I filmed for orthodontist Dr. Alan (in Chandler, Arizona). This video needed to have an element of fun, but not quite as up-tempo and silly as the shorter version I’d done for him.
I was apprehensive about including this video on this page. This was the first video I filmed for the dental association, and only the third video I’d ever filmed. I came up with the idea of the script and creative direction while driving in the car. Dr. Fred and his team were great sports—we had a blast as you can tell by the bloopers, but it’s artistically and technically not my best work. Thankfully, I’ve gotten a lot better over the years.
Had a blast working with Dr. Mathew Jensen and his team at Surprise Pediatric Dentistry on their dental marketing video. Dr. Jensen’s a genuine “what you see is what you get” dentist, so he was great on camera, and he has one of the friendliest dental teams I’ve ever filmed. This video is specifically about Dr. Jensen as a pediatric dentist, and it’s aimed at showing parents he’s a caring, trustworthy dentist.
This is a dental marketing video that pairs the Dentsply Sirona Cavitron 300 with the Purevac HVE. Special thanks to dental hygienist Katrina Sanders, RDH for her help, as well as AZPerio for allowing us to use their dental practice.
This is the only video that I have featuring a dental hygienist (RDH). This is Sue in Scottsdale, Arizona. Sue’s worked for a handful of dentists in her career, and she knows her stuff. In addition to this video for her, I have her featured in a number of other videos on oral cancer screening, electric toothbrushes, and dental floss aids.
This type of dental marketing video is a staple for the practice—it gives potential patients an idea of what the vibe, ambiance, and dental team demeanor is before making a decision to make an appointment. That’s vital in their decision-making process because it reduces perceived risk. It’s natural for consumers to feel that it’s risky seeing a new dentist and going to a new dental practice—most everyone has a fear of the unknown…of change. By highlighting the dentist, the team, and the office, in a positive, comforting way in the video, it helps to eliminate that risk. When dental patients don’t fear that risk, they take action and schedule an appointment.
Yep, that’s me hosting a dentist podcast at the Arizona Dental Association. The podcast was an idea I’d come up with in summer of 2018. Because the podcast is for the dental profession, and it’s a mix of different topics as well as speakers (dentists, dental team members, and leaders in the dental profession), I called it Audio Amalgam. Special thanks to orthodontist Dr. Dawn Pruzansky for sitting in for a session.
Like most of us, Steve’s uneasy in front of the camera, but he and his team a pleasure to film because they genuinely are dedicated to their craft and their dentist clients in Arizona—some of the most passionate people I’ve ever met. Denco has an impeccable reputation in the dental profession. After filming this project, I now know why.
I put this video together for the state dental association—Arizona (AzDA), of course. I wheeled around a cart full of gear in the Phoenix Convention Center for a couple of days to capture this annual dental meeting. Fun time. It’s too bad that the public feel that all dentists are stuffy and uptight—in some cases, they couldn’t be more wrong.
I had a great time working with RDH Alisha Luman—spotlighting her invention for dental hygienists, the Freehand Ring. Alisha was frustrated with the inefficient workflow of using gauze during a prophy (it gets stuck and it often falls), so she got a 3D printer, learned CAD/CAM, and built a prototype. Five years of work, partnering with engineers, and a lot of family support, she created a pretty-impressive innovation. In the dental profession? Have a look—it’s pretty slick. Note, this is the longer version.
By the time I’d filmed this dental braces video, I’d worked with orthodontist Dr. Alan Curtis on a handful of projects. I really do like working with him and his team. They are a unique combination of efficiency and fun (often times a dental practice is one or the other). I am also impressed with the dental technology Curtis Orthodontics has—it makes me wish the orthodontist who put braces on me had (although that was back in the ’80s, so it’s not a fair comparison)!
Dr. Willcox liked the idea of this video playing in his front office if dental patients came early for their appointment and were waiting to be seen. The practice does sell electric toothbrushes, but this video is focused on patient education. The dental practice’s hygienist was kind enough to help out with this video.
Wow, dentist Dr. Shawn (North Phoenix / Deer Valley, Arizona), his family, and I had a long day filming (along with Dr. Howie), but we had a great time. This is the first dental practice Dr. Shawn has owned, so this shoot was a big deal to him. He was a little hesitant about interviewing in front of the camera, but he did fine. Also, a good video editor will always make the subject, in this case a dentist, sound great. They loved the video, but the bloopers at the end are what they enjoyed most of all. Dr. Shawn has a fun approach to dentistry, so showing more of a personal side was a great fit for him.
I’ve done a lot of dental patient testimonial videos for Accucare—so many that I could set up my A/V gear in their front office with my eyes closed and one hand tied behind me. Consumers trust video testimonials exponentially more than mere text testimonials (or even text testimonials accompanied by a photo). The dental office manager, and I have got the process down so well we get dental patients in and out within 5-10 minutes. As a result, we can film a truckload of the dentist’s patient video testimonials in a short amount of time, which saves the dental practice money.
Amy’s been a good friend for years, and when it comes to dental transitions and advising dentists on their data and team, she’s the tops. We’d talked about putting together a dental marketing video for a while—glad we were able to put this together. We “borrowed” one of her client’s dental practices on a Saturday. This was a fun shoot—everyone had a good time. I did have a bad back that weekend—thankfully I got through the shoot with no problems. For the creative direction, we wanted to focus on Amy as an approachable professional. I think she was a little surprised I went with the intro that I did. But dentists love that part. It shows an unguarded, spontaneous glimpse into Amy’s personality—people (including dentists) love seeing others “being real.”
Special thanks to AzDA dentists who helped out: Dr. Charlie Clark, Dr. Michael Cavender, Dr. Jennifer Enos, and Dr. Brett Dameron. Quick marketing video I put together for the dental association’s new leadership recruitment program for new dentists. I had a really short time to film these spots (doctors are always busy)—Yikes!
I traveled to Oro Valley to write a story, and take photos, on dentist and mayor Dr. Hiremath for the Arizona Dental Association’s monthly publication (as the managing editor). While I was down there, I filmed an impromptu dental marketing video for Dr. Hiremath’s dental practice, which turned out pretty good considering there was no planning, no script, and that was the first day I’d every seen Dr. Hiremath.
Another dental office video we filmed efficiently and cost effectively—this with a dental hygienist screening for oral cancer with a VELscope oral assessment system. Observing HIPAA patient privacy law (as well as getting video release signatures) is often a necessary step in filming. However, in this case, as in many dental videos I’ve filmed, the “patients” are really just the dentist’s or team’s friends and family.
Had one of the dental assistants help me with this dentist marketing video—showing off the dental practice’s CEREC machine. We weren’t able to get a patient to come in that day so we used another dental team member. She had the same blue scrubs on so we put a coat on her, and in post production, you’ll see I turned her scrub bottoms from blue to gray to hide she was actually a dental team member.
This is a dental continuing education promotional video for a dental assistants’ workshop I put together for the Arizona Dental Association, as well as Dr. David Frausto and Dr. Andrew Zeiger, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, and Surprise. The workshop will be available at WRDE 2019 at the Renaissance Hotel and Spa in Glendale. Visit for information. It’s noteworthy for me to share that we filmed the interview footage for this course a couple of years after the bRoll was filmed. We also filmed the interview footage in tight time frame with a lot of noise around us (it was a last-minute decision to film). Both Dr. Frausto and Dr. Zeiger did a great job with such little notice!
I put this together for the state dental association’s women dental CE and social outlet, it is called Women in Dentistry. They wanted something fun and upbeat that would show the community and camaraderie the women dentists enjoyed. I recruited some family to help out at the beginning of the marketing video.
The creative direction for this video took a sharp departure from any other dental Mission of Mercy video I’d ever seen (or been involved in). I wanted something that captured the feeling of the holidays and the spirit of goodwill and giving. Rather than getting bogged down with boring interview footage (which is ubiquitous in most Mission of Mercy videos), the focus was on more of the celebration of helping others who were in need. It’s always been a pleasure to be a part of such a massive community outreach—featuring some of the most generous dentists, hygienists, lab techs, and front office professionals in Arizona.
In addition to being a general dentist (family dentist), Dr. Allison House thoroughly enjoys challenging and difficult cases that other dentists might be open to referring out. In having an in-office lab, and spending years on advanced continuing education, Dr. House has the office resources, education, and passion to work with patients who just aren’t finding relief from their oral health problems.
The idea for this dental association promo video just popped into my head one day. Within 48hrs I had it scripted, filmed, narrated (yes, that’s me speaking), and the final cut finished. Videos don’t usually come together that quickly, but this one had a lot of momentum. The focus of the video was twofold: to edify current members of the Arizona Dental Association; second, to encourage non-member dentists to look into what the dental association is doing for them, for dentistry, and for all Arizona citizens as it relates to oral health.
Ah, as you’d guess, this was a fun one to film. As a member of the Arizona Dental Association, I’ve participated in several of these throughout my career. Each year they seem to raise the bar and get more organized. Special thanks to all of the dentists who volunteer their skill and time to help these kids maintain bright, healthy smiles. I can’t forget to thank the Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health (ASDOH), Mesa, AZ, and the dental students down there—they put on an incredibly fun event. I’ve never seen kids so excited to see a dentist. The creative direction was to put together something together that was upbeat and fun—something that showcased the spectacle/event as a whole rather than just the clinical portion of it. This dental video was submitted and won the Arizona Dental Foundation a grant from Phoenix Suns Charities in 2019.
I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Tanaka for years. We had a blast filming for him, his wife Dr. Leong, and their team (featuring the fun and amped-up office manager Harriet). After the shoot, Dr. Leong and Harriet both said that we “Made it fun.” Dr. Tanaka remarked that we did a “masterful job.” He also indicated that we made the time “fly by” because everyone was having so much fun.