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I’ve been a jock and sports fan all my life, so naturally, I have a love for filming passionate and talented clubs, athletes, and coaches. I’ve boxed for years, played HS tennis, golfed, swam, mountain biked, was a personal trainer for years, participated in a triathlon, played ice hockey for years, and played Division I Soccer at the University of Akron.
Quick video we did for a baseball hitting coach, speaker, and author who played for the New York Yankees (actually won a World Series’ ring). I would have liked to have seen/held an Indians’/Guardians’ World Series ring, but I am not sure I’ll get the chance in this life! The circumstances for this shoot were a little crazy: I’d never been to the facility or met anyone before we started filming, but it turned out really well—we were even pressed for time. Special thanks to Dbat of Scottsdale for allowing us to use the facility. .
Had a great time working with Hiroki. He was nervous that I’d get hit by a stray puck while filming. While I wore a helmet, I didn’t have any other gear on. It worked out okay. It’s actually the first time I’d been on the ice for a little while—it was nice to be out there, even if I was just filming. Had I trained under Hiroki when I was younger, I would have been a better goalie. For the creative direction, Hiroki wanted the video to resemble his coaching style: efficient, high-energy, and intense. I think we got it 🙂
I met Hammer Boxing owner George Garcia through another boxer friend who trained me. George, his wife Lydia, and son George Jr. are great people. I only wish their gym was closer to me! This video served to promote the gym to professional fighters and Olympic hopefuls, in doing so, pro boxers Alyssa DeFazio and Paul “Ziggy” Romero were featured. You can see I ended up working with Ziggy a few times. I didn’t get a chance to work with Alyssa again, but I’ve seen her a couple of times since we filmed this clip. By the way, unless you’re in top fighting form, don’t spar with her. She’s an Olympic hopeful and definitely the real deal. Even if you are in fighting form, you might steer clear of her.
We worked with Alex Zendejas Sr. and Alex Zendejas Jr. of Arizona Kicking and Training on creating this high-octane hype video for their kicking camp at Arizona Christian University. We were just asked to shoot photos, but come on…we can do a lot more than that 🙂 ‘preciate all the guys for working with us so well. I had a blast getting back on the field and filming them, even if there were about 30 kids who participated in the camp (it was crazy!)

University of Akron Soccer—Feels like it was yesterday, but the ’90s were a long time ago. This is me playing for the University of Akron, and looking as tough as I could at 150lbs. What I wouldn’t give to have an HD video of me playing back then. I can’t go back in time and get it, but I can set you and your team up with something I sorely wish I had.

I of course played hockey when I was younger, as well as collegiate soccer, boxing, tennis, and a few more sports, and I worked extremely hard as an athlete. That said, Justin is a freak of nature physically, and he probably would have smashed me. When I met Justin and his family, his dad showed me footage of Justin lifting at the gym. He was moving so much weight it almost looked like someone doctored the footage. Nope, this kid’s the real deal. Looking forward to seeing what college program he commits to.
Jesse was fun to interview—he’s a good guy. He lives and breathes table tennis, and I hope he realizes his dream in playing Olympic-competition table tennis. However, I used to play when I was younger. I also have a physical advantage over Jesse with my legs. It didn’t matter—he still schooled me.

Yep, that’s me getting ready before a hockey game here in Phoenix. This must have been taken around 1998-2004 at Arcadia Ice, Chandler Ice, or Oceanside Arena. I had a blast playing ice hockey, but it was brutal on my lower body. If I film a sports video for you, particularly hockey, ask to see the hockey video that was filmed of me playing—you’ll get a good laugh out of it 🙂

This was the first professional fight that I ever covered (Fort McDowell Casino). A couple of things I learned: one—when the fighter is called to come to the ring, no one waits for the video guy to get ready, and two—space around the ring apron is tight (it’s best to establish your turf early). The creative direction for the video was edgy, “gangsta”, and cool. We also wanted to show what boxers go through on fight day to get prepared to get into the ring. Ziggy’s got a good following, so we wanted to show some of his “peeps” who stopped in to wish him luck. What did I learn about boxing that day? Depending on where they fall on the boxing card, fighters can end up sitting around for a long time in the dressing room before they’re called!
This is the third video I did with Ziggy and the first documentary-style video I filmed. Admittedly, the clip goes on for a little longer than I would like (at eight minutes long). I went with the title “59th and Thomas” because Ziggy’s family, his friends, and his roots are an integral part of who he is as a person and a boxer. That’s a rougher area of town, but he’s proud of where he comes from. I appreciated him being able to talk about his relationship with his mom and his dad—that stuff is personal. Too bad he had sinus issues the day we shot that interview, but I also appreciated him powering through:) Ziggy sums up the main point of the video at the end when he says that it doesn’t matter where you come from or what your upbringing is like.
I never thought I’d end up filming a fencing video, but it was enlightening and fun. I was surprised at how quickly the sabers move through the air (Jedis with lightsabers have nothing on these guys.) Teresa and Ricky definitely got a good workout in—they were working hard.
This was really just junk footage I shot while visiting the Knights during an inter-squad practice – ti was never intended to be seen by the public, but the Knights like it enough to put it on their website. I met the director of communications at the rink. After the 10-15 minute meeting, I asked if he’d be open to allowing me to get some footage so long as I didn’t interfere. I just had one camera and two lenses (no stabilization). I used the boards around the rink to stabilize the camera!

I played tennis in my junior year of high school, and a lot of amateur tennis after moving out to Phoenix. I did play league tennis at Indian School Park in Scottsdale for a couple of years. I was a 4.0 player ranking. Hmm, I am not sure why I look mad in this shot—maybe my serve was out!

These guys were a heck of a lot of fun to film. The owner of the club is Matt, and he operates this 4-5 table club from his backyard in sort of a converted garage set up. From the outside, it looks like a concrete bunker. Insider, I have to hand it to him—it’s cool. The play I observed was a nice mix of friendly but fierce competition. These guys liked hanging out together, but they also liked winning. Too bad the facility wasn’t closer to me. I’d definitely go back and get in the mix. For the creative direction, these guys wanted high intensity and “make it look cool.”
This was the second martial arts promotion I’d done, and I noticed there was a lot more discipline in this dojo. The kids looked like they were having fun, but there was definitely an air of order and respect. The owner John is a pastor and an all around good guy (except that he’s a Yankees’ fan). For the creative direction, I was looking to create something that showed energy, discipline, and kind of a family atmosphere.
This was the first martial arts dojo I filmed. In retrospect, I’d probably make a few different creative decisions, but we did hit the focus of the video: show a family atmosphere where kids are supported and encouraged. There was also an emphasis placed on showing old world traditions and honoring the Asian roots of this art. Parents brought their kids in for the shoots at different times than they were used to (an inconvenience for them), so I made a point of getting all of the students in the video.
This is the very first video I filmed as an adult (I filmed a lot of silly videos when I was a kid). I met Rollin through one of his trainers who’s featured in the video. I was sick as a dog while filming this, but I was so excited to shoot that my adrenaline powered me through. Thankfully, I got better both in health and in skill as a videographer 🙂 For the creative direction, Rollin really wanted a family-type feeling for the gym. He and his Uncle Jerry are mentors and role models for a lot of these kids, so we wanted to show a little of that. I designed the Top Level Boxing brand and tagline as well.

Riding in the McDowell Mountains in Scottsdale/Fountain Hills, AZ. I never got into competitive riding. However, when buddies and I hit the trail, it was a workout. I did some cycling as well. With the traffic out here in Arizona, I always felt mountain biking was a heck of a lot safer (even with the snakes, critters, boulders, and Gila monsters)! I rode in Flagstaff, Tucson, Sedona, and of course Phoenix. I also competed in the Mountain Man Triathlon in Flag around 1999-2001—I’ve got a funny story about that…

I met Billy through friends at Hammer Boxing Gym. Billy’s awesome, but don’t slack on him in the ring—he’s brutal if he feels you’re not working up to level you should be. It was an honor to work and train with him over the years.
I primarily worked out with Billy in the ring, but I got in a few rounds with Rollin. Both of these champs really are top-level boxers. What they do for the kids in Central Phoenix—especially ones who don’t have a father figure in their life—is special. For the creative direction, Rollin really wanted a family-type feeling for the gym. He and his Uncle Jerry are mentors and role models for a lot of these kids, so we wanted to show a little of that. I designed the Top Level Boxing brand and tagline as well.
Truth be told, I had this footage shot for a different reason, but I decided to go in a different creative direction. Inspired by motivational YouTube videos I watch from Billy Alsbrooks (Blessed and Unstoppable), Eric Thomas, Motiversity, Pastor Les Brown, Tony Robbins, and Pastor T.D. Jakes, I quickly put this together with the help of friend and DP Corey Sees. Shout out to all of you guys… If you are an athlete who has the desire to compete, but you’re not in your prime anymore, I encourage you to get your butt out there, keep working, and do what you can. You can always choose to push yourself and do your best—however many candles you have on your birthday cake.
This was just footage I took while waiting for friend Ziggy Romero to fight. I think he was eighth or ninth on the card at Celebrity Theater. Had some friends there who were taking still images of the fights—even one who was training a boxer who fought that night. The trainer used to train me years ago. Because of the way Celebrity Theater is set up, I shot all of this footage while lying down, which was not ideal!