Jeremy Tuber


Fans, gigs, and fame are waiting for you—online video promotion is the way to get ’em

If you’re a fine artist, pastry chef, sculptor, musician, or anything in between, I’d like to share your story, passion, and talent with the online world—with fans who need to know who you are.


So you have to wonder, “If this guy films small businesses and dental/medical practices, why would he work with an artist like me?”


The answer is because I am amazed at what people can create when they put their mind and heart into it, AND every artist has a story that should be shared. Working with artisans gives me the chance to blend my creativity with the camera and computer with their love of canvas, clarinets, concrete, or cayenne. I get to learn and be a part of their world—of your world—for a while, and you get to be a part of mine. Whether you’re at the top of your game or if you’re just on your way to greatness, video is way to reach people today. Text and pictures on a website just don’t cut. If you want your audience, your fans, to get the full experience and connect with them on a personal and emotional level—you’ve got to go with video.


So why consider having me capture your talent on video? I am super easy to work with. I offer ideas and inspiration, but I encourage you to get involved in the creative process as well (if you want). Together, we’ll create a video that you and your audience will look at say, “Yeah, he nailed it. That’s my heart and soul up there—that’s me.”


If all of this is sounding good, and if you’re looking to share you passion, build an online following, get more gigs, and get famous, let’s talk about showcasing your skill with the online world. If what you’re doing is way too cool to be invisible or ignored on YouTube and social media, let’s talk.

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