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If you’re a creative or fine artist, pastry chef, sculptor, musician, or anything in between, I’d like to share your story, passion, and talent with the online world—with fans who need to know who you are.


So you have to wonder, “If this guy films small businesses and dental/medical practices, why would he work with an artist like me?”


The answer is because I am amazed at what people can create when they put their minds and hearts into it, And, every artist has a story that should be shared. Working with artisans gives me the chance to blend my creativity with the camera and computer with their love of canvas, clarinets, concrete, or cayenne. I get to learn and be a part of their world — of your world — for awhile, and you get to be a part of mine. Whether you’re at the top of your game or if you’re just on your way to greatness, video is the way to reach people today. Text and pictures on a website just don’t cut it. If you want your audience, your fans, to get the full experience and to connect with them on a personal and emotional level, you’ve got to go with video.


See some of the creative artist videos I’ve filmed here.

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If all of this is sounding good, and if you’re looking to share your passion, build an online following, get more gigs, and get famous, let’s talk about showcasing your skill with the online world. If what you’re doing is way too cool to be invisible or ignored on YouTube and social media, let’s talk.

Watercolor painter Dr. Eric Curtis shares how art influences how he sees the world—how it makes it more vibrant and how it makes everything beautiful.
Eye candy for vintage sports car enthusiasts. This Porsche 944 Turbo (1986) has been in the family for a while, so it was nice to get it out there to film. I filmed the car in McDowell Mountain Park in Fountain Hills.
Having trained under 12-time World Pizza Champion (featured on Food Network) and owner of Pizza Napoletana in San Francisco Tony Gemignani, brick oven pizza, served alfresco, is perfected in Arizona—by dentist Dr. Eric Curtis of Safford, Arizona. Dr. Curtis is not only a masterful dentist, but he is a Renaissance man who writes, paints, draws, makes knives, creates mosaic tile art, and probably loads of other things I am unaware of!
Jazz, pop, and eclectic Phoenix music band—WildeP’lay in concert at the Bird Cage Theater—Storms Rollin’ In
North Scottsdale home decorated by a Scottsdale interior design firm.
Quick hype video I put together over a couple of days for a friend and men’s custom jewelry maker. The target audience is hip, stylish, and urban. My first exposure to shooting jewelry on video as well as a light box and macro camera lens (Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro USM). This was a fun experience!
First music / dance video I’ve put together. This is for our (the Arizona Dental Association’s) annual dental meeting (WRDE). Thx to ASDOH and MWU dental students, as well as Dr. Mai-Ly Duong for showing off their awesome moves—smart to let me film but not dance, also, special thanks to the management and staff of the Renaissance Hotel and Spa in Glendale for letting us film on location.
This is a nature hiking tour of Gorge Metro Park, Mary Campbell Cave, and the Ohio Edison Dam in Cuyahoga Falls (near Akron). It’s my attempt (albeit impromptu and hurried) at imitating Nat Geo / Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom. This just gave me some good practice at storytelling, incorporating sound into the project, as well as practice using the Zhiyun Crane 3 gimbal. I didn’t set out with a crystal clear vision of what I wanted to do with this footage—I was on vacation and I just thought it would be fun to get out there and film. A big thanks to James and Robert at Ohio Drone for their aerial footage of the Gorge. Check out their work at
Cave Creek classic rock cover band playing at a dental convention in Phoenix, Arizona. This really was a last-minute shoot with not much gear.
East Valley home wonderfully designed by a Phoenix interior designer.
Put together a quick 8min mini-doc for a couple of jazz musicians friends Donna Wilde and Richard Palalay at WildeP’lay. Got some good concert footage of them on Fri. (couple of clips in this video, but that footage is for a future project). Most of the footage in this video wasn’t meant to end with a final cut—it was just test footage to see how Donna and Richard would do on camera. I thought, “Why not try to make something out of it?” The background isn’t all that visually interesting, but the video gives a nice look into a jazz musician’s heart.
So what’s it look like setting up on a professional shoot? How does this all work when there’s only one videographer on set? Here’s a behind the scenes time-lapse glimpse at a film / interview set up I did. From arrival to pressing “record,” everything too about an hour—you’ll see it in a couple of minutes. I am filming at a replica of the Bird Cage Theater that is in Tombstone, Arizona. Thankfully, this replica is in Scottsdale, which is a lot more convenient for me to get to!
This video gives you a micro tour of the University of Akron campus while I share my experience operating the Zhiyun Crane 3—it’s meant for other videographers and film production professionals. What’s different about this video is that it isn’t a concise, hard-hitting review video—there are loads of those videos on YouTube already. I took an unhurried, laid back approach to sharing my experience with the Zhiyun Crane 3 Master Package, as well as giving a guided tour of the college I graduated from a long time ago. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the tour and review.
Fountain Hills, Arizona on a lazy Saturday morning in the summer. Took my Canon 70D and GoPro out on a Saturday before it got too hot out. The Fountain was shut down or not working at the time, so that’s why you’re not seeing any footage of it. I did get footage of the Avenue of the Fountains, Fountain Hills’ Veterans Memorial, and Mount McDowell (Red Mountain) on the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Reservation.
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This video for WildeP’Lay was designed for the artists to send/link/email to booking agents to secure gigs. The video is short at just 2:12, but it provides some samples of the group’s vibe/flavor. It also features interview footage of two of the group’s founders: Donna Wilde and Richard Palalay.