Jeremy Tuber


Forward-thinking leaders in their profession are flocking to online video marketing—what do they know about video’s growth that you don’t?

  • YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world.
  • Sixty hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute of the day.
  • One-third of all online activity is spent watching video.
  • 80% of your visitors will watch a video. However, only 20% will actually read website content in its entirety.
  • 62% of Google universal searches include video. Search engines like Google are placing more emphasis on video and presenting them higher (and more frequently) in their search results.
  • 90% of users say that a marketing video about a product/service is helpful in the decision process.


So what’s the point?


Video isn’t going away—it’s getting bigger, so maybe it’s time to consider incorporating it into your marketing efforts. The real question is, “Will you get left behind while your competition leverages this new way to connect with customers?”

Online video marketing does what website text & photos can’t: get your visitors to connect with you in a meaningful way. If they don’t feel a connection, they keep looking…elsewhere.

Savvy small businesses and dental / medical practices are taking advantage of video marketing because of three rock-solid truths about consumers and how they make buying decisions:


  1. Consumers want to see who they’re working with. There’s always a risk in hiring someone new. A well put together video will reduce perceived risk and put people at ease. It does with me.
  2. Consumers hire professionals who they perceive to relate to, to like, and to trust. If consumers don’t feel these things about you—they choose someone else. Website copy and photos are nice, but they do little to establish a rapport with someone.
  3. Consumers choose professionals they feel a personal or emotional connection. People “buy” with their instinct and emotions, and then they end up justifying the purchase/hire with logic.


If those statements make sense, ask, “How effective is your website in establishing trust, credibility, and a personal connection with visitors with just text and still photos?” It’s not, is it?


With a marketing or promotional video, however, customers and patients can sense and experience your passion and skill—they can feel it. There’s something compelling about looking someone in the eye and talking to them, isn’t there? It’s powerful and persuasive. Video allows you to create a personal and emotional connection with your customers or patients—something that speaks to their hearts.

If you have a video and your competitors don’t, who is going to establish that essential personal connection with customers or patients and bring in new business? I like your odds—do you?

PS— Thinking, “I just don’t need a video?” You’re right. Frankly, none of the clients (small businesses and dental practices in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and the East Valley) for whom I work need a video. They are doing well. However, they wanted more business and success, and they knew they could leverage video to do it. Are you looking to get to that next level? 


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