Jeremy Tuber

Lifecare Chiropractic, Dr. James Bogash, in Mesa, Arizona

When I ran a design business, I’d worked with a handful of chiropractors here. Often a single-minded, confident bunch—they were tricky to work with. When I heard Dr. Bogash was a DC rather than a DDS, DMS, DO, or MD, I wasn’t sure what to expect. More than a “rack ’em and crack ’em” provider, what struck me about getting to know (and then interview) Dr. Bogash is is knowledge and passion beyond the neck and spine. He goes through medical journals like a teenager goes through YouTube videos. After we finished the project, I referred both family and friends to him—both have come back with wonderful reports and results.


As for the emphasis for this video, we wanted to show Dr. Bogash’s knowledge base extending beyond basic chiropractic care, as well as his passion to help patients who have all but given up hope for a better pain-free life. We also wanted to emphasize that Dr. Bogash’s treatments involve a lot of soft tissue work, which is vital in healing.

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