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Video marketing on YouTube for dental and medical practices—work with someone who knows how to work with doctors—that’s me.

If you’ve been in dental practice or if you’re a dental student in Arizona, you probably just thought, “Hey, I know that guy.” You probably do. I’ve been the Director of Marketing and Communications and Managing Editor at the Arizona Dental Association (AzDA) since 2010, so you have no doubt seen my design, publishing, or video work. I’ve also worked for the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, for OSR Physical Therapy, and even for a hospice company called VistaCare, so I know my way around a dental and or physician’s office, and I know the respect, decorum, and professionalism that must be exercised when working with doctors and their healthcare teams.

In 2012, when I started interviewing dentists on camera for the dental association’s monthly publication, Inscriptions, I discovered that I had a acumen for putting dentists at ease and getting them to open up about themselves and their practices (even if they had never been interviewed on or off camera before). I suppose I am easy to talk to, I know my way around an operatory, and I am comfortable talking to dentists and physicians.


When I began filming dental-office marketing videos, professionals, dentists and healthcare professionals who were clients remarked that my videos quickly gained them exposure, but they also remarked that working with me was an enjoyable team-building activity that put everyone into a good mood (even some of their team members who were apprehensive about being on camera). That means a lot to me, and that’s why I guarantee that you’ll not only love the video we create together, but also that you’ll have an enjoyable experience — that same positive experience you want your patients to have.


While an enjoyable experience is important, what’s more important is driving in new patients. I am proud to report that the dentists, physicians, and other healthcare professionals I’ve worked for can point to several new patients who were impressed enough with them and their practice in our video to make an appointment. The dental/medical video I filmed for the made them money — it didn’t cost them money. That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

Why do dentists and physicians trust me to film a marketing dental or medical video for their practice? Because my marketing videos get you patients.

There’s a lesson here: Just because a video-production company calls itself a dental or physician-marketing company doesn’t mean that it is.


These video-production companies can’t offer marketing tips and strategies on how to attract patients, how to film patient testimonials that will get new patients. In short, they don’t really understand dental and doctor marketing that works. So why do they film videos for dental and or medical practices? Is it because they know and love the dental and medical profession? Nope — they see it (they see you) as a lucrative target market. If that doesn’t sit well with you, you are not alone. Your colleagues feel the same way.


  • What is the most important reason to hire me to film your dental or medical practice? I know what patients are looking for, so I help doctors like you get more patients. I have a track record of being able to attract patients into a dental and medical practice — and I can attract more patients into your practice.
  • I know more about dentistry than any videographer in the state. Period. Actually, there is one doctor who knows more (ask me about him).
  • I’ve published printed articles on dental websites, dental branding, and of course, getting the most out of dental videos.
  • I’ve filmed over 70 dental videos (Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, Mesa, Peoria, Paradise Valley, and Tucson) and loads of dental-patient testimonial videos; I’ve been at the Arizona Dental Association in Scottsdale, AZ since 2010, and I have interviewed around 100 dentists in my life!
  • I’ve filmed dental videos for orthodontists, endodontists, pedodontists or pediatric dentists, and ,of course, general dentists.
  • I’ve also worked with plastic surgeons, chiropractors, physical therapists, naturopathic doctors, fitness trainers, and hygienists.
  • I know exactly what potential dental and medical patients need to hear, see, and feel in a video for them to choose you over other practices.
  • Coming up with dental marketing ideas comes naturally to me because I’ve worked in the profession for so long. Note: If you’re a new dentist and you need ideas for a video — I am your guy, and we’re your team.
  • I’ll work around your schedule and patient flow so you don’t lose out on production.
  • Because I know dentistry and other healthcare fields, dental and medical teams quickly relax, and then comes this plus: They have a lot of fun around me and my team.

Dentists and physicians, want to see if you “need” a marketing video for your practice? Answer the questions below

The truth is, you don’t need a video for your dental practice, but if you’re looking to get more patients, if you’re working towards that next level of professional and personal success, or if you’re experiencing the following common frustrations dentists have, we should talk about how a marketing video can help build your practice.


  1. Does thinking about your practice finances stress you out?
  2. Is your overhead rising but net income shrinking?
  3. Was your net growth flat last year?
  4. Are you setting goals focused on surviving rather than thriving?
  5. Is your past looking brighter than your future?
  6. Do you wish you could have taken more vacations last year?

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This was the first surgery I filmed. Scottsdale Plastic surgeon Dr. James Nachbar and his surgical team were so easy and pleasant to work with. They were, however, nervous that I’d throw up or pass out, so they set me up with some water, a granola bar, and sound advice before the procedure. The surgery went smoothly, and I neither fainted nor coughed up my cookies.


Jokes aside, whether I am filming in an OR or dental operatory, I never forget where I am, the trust that’s placed with me, what I am doing, and what those around me are

doing. I am 100% locked into what’s going on at all times—anything less could be dangerous and life threatening.


When transitioning from shot to shot, my movements are purposeful, precise, and methodical. I know my camera gear and I don’t fumble with it. Surgery is not the time to be clumsy or try out new gear.


I am always conscious that I am the least important person in the room (so I am always aware that my gear or even my body being in the way—you have to stay out of the way).


Videographers have a “whatever it takes to get the shot” mantra. I feel that way too, but never forsaking safety. No matter how much I might want to get a specific shot or camera angle, I make certain that I never interfere with the surgeon or dentist, the surgical or dental team, or compromise any area or instrument that is sterile. 

Podcast and marketing consulting articles and tips that I’ve authored for the Arizona Dental Association since 2010


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