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Video marketing isn’t for everyone.
Didn’t expect that, did you?

From working with clients for years, I’ve found that video production and video marketing is not for the average, the indecisive, the ambivalent, the lethargic, and the procrastinators.
No, hiring a videographer is for clients who have a story, a skill (I call them hidden superpowers), and a passion for their profession that they want to share with the world. It’s for people who love what they do (and who kick butt doing it). Video marketing on YouTube, social media, and on your website is for successful, accomplished professionals who can’t wait to take their business and or their brand to “the next level.” Is that you?
If you are a small business owner/manager, dentist, or elite sports team/player/coach in the Phoenix metro area who is passionate about what you do, and darn good at it, I’d like to share your story.
The clients I work for recognize the growing influence of video on consumer behavior, and they know video can jumpstart their business, dental or medical practice, or brand. Most of them admit they’ve “thought about having a video created,” but it’s just never materialized—the right person/opportunity hadn’t come along yet. Well, here I am…

What if you want an online marketing video, but you are apprehensive about the process? What if you are nervous about being on camera during video production?

It’s normal to be a little apprehensive about the video production process and being on camera—especially if this is the first time you’ve done it. If that describes how you’re feeling, I am the right person to film your video.


Let me share something with you—the first time I filmed a marketing video for myself. I was a wreck. In fact, I filmed it at a buddy’s house with no one around. I cranked the air conditioner down so I would keep from sweating, so if you feel any of the following reasons for not having a marketing video filmed, don’t worry, I know first-hand what you’re going through:


  • You’ve never done this, so it’s kind of scary because you don’t know what to expect.
  • You are scared that you will sound or look silly during video production.
  • You will be embarrassed or say the wrong thing while talking in front of video cameras.
  • You’ll only get one shot at this, so it has to be perfect. You have to be perfect.
  • You won’t look good on camera.


I know these are real concerns for folks, so expect me to be respectful and sensitive in managing them. I’ll gently walk you through the process, and you won’t be embarrassed.

If you’re scared about how you will look during video production (in front of the camera)

Clients have confided in me before they went on camera about showing physical characteristics they’d prefer to hide on camera. I admire them and their bravery. However, they didn’t have to say anything to me.


You can trust that I will always look to accentuate your positive features and minimize everything else (you don’t even need to say anything). As a videographer, one of my main goals is to ensure you look and sound wonderful, so trust that I’ll thoroughly consider the best way to capture you on film.


It takes courage to step into video marketing and get in front of the camera, but know that I’ll be there to answer your questions, make things easy and straight forward, and offer you help and encouragement the whole time.


I also know several insider tricks that will make you look and sound great on camera, e.g., position and angle of the camera, type of lighting, special post-production techniques, and editing out any shot that is unflattering). I even invested in expensive special beauty-enhancing software that smooths out skin imperfections.


You’ve heard the phrase that “the camera adds ten pounds.” I can take ten pounds off. Oh, and the soft studio lighting I use will make you look younger, and it hides facial imperfections like blemishes.


As a last point, remember, I specialize in working with everyday professionals, not actors. I promise you’re going to do great—I’ll see to it. Just know you’re not alone if you’re a little apprehensive—don’t let that apprehension get in the way of something that will genuinely help your business, dental/medical practice, or brand.

If you’re scared about how you will sound during video production

Looking good in front of a videographer and their cameras is only half the issue, you want to sound like a professional too, right? Again, don’t worry. I am the right guy to help you. I’ve interviewed well over 100 people, and I have a knack for getting everyone to relax and share their story on camera. Trust that whatever we need to do to make sure you’re comfortable and confident on camera, that’s what we’ll do.


  • You’ll talk directly to me during the interview, just like we were having a conversation at a coffee house.
  • I joke with clients, “If you can string two sentences in a row–just two–I will make you sound like a smooth professional. I know A LOT of post-production editing tricks and techniques to hide stumbles when clients are talking.
  • I will invest a lot of time learning about you and the message you want to convey during your interview. I’ll make sure you cover the points you need to.
  • If we need to rehearse interview questions ahead of time, we’ll do it.
  • If you need to take breaks, get some food and water, run around the room, or stand on your head to relax–I’ll encourage you to do it. We’re a team, and whatever we need to do to make you more confident on camera, we’ll do it.


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