Jeremy Tuber

Can these logo design examples point to whether I can film an effective, compelling online marketing video for you?

While these are logos rather than videos, what’s interesting to see is the range—the different styles—of logos. In the creative profession, this is called range.


Seeing so many different types of logos from so many different types of professions (range) will hopefully give you the confidence that even if I haven’t yet worked in your specific industry, I’ll listen and learn how to effectively market you to your target audience through video production.  Some creative professionals have one style (limited range). While I typically stay away from “extreme or grunge” type videos and styles, I am confident that I’ll be in a good position to help most small businessesdental and medical practices, as well as sports teams and creative artisans achieve the vibe they are going for.


PS—I don’t do a lot of logo design anymore, but for video clients who also need some logo support, we can talk about how I can help. I know small businesses have limited time and resources, so I am used to stepping in and offering value when I can. Saying, “That’s not my job,” or, “You’ll need someone else to do that for you” just isn’t in my nature.