Film marketer—Jeremy Tuber, Scottsdale, Arizona // YouTube video marketing for small businesses, dentists, medical practices, athletes, and creative artisans
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Online YouTube video marketing for small businesses, dentists and dental practices, medical practices, athletes, and creative artisans in Scottsdale, Arizona

Whether you’re just thinking about incorporating video into your overall marketing strategy, or if you’re ready to take that next step, there are a load of videographers, video production companies, and marketing agencies from which to choose in the Scottsdale / Phoenix Metro area—so why consider me?

  • My marketing videos are effective. They drive in new business and revenue. Working with me will make you money—not cost you.
  • I’ll make sure on camera that you look, sound, and feel like an accomplished, amicable, and trustworthy professional.
  • I’ll offer ideas, great energy, and inspiration throughout the video project.
  • I am easy and fun to work with—especially for people who are apprehensive about doing an online promotional video.
  • I am an engaging and reassuring video interviewer.
  • I am priced super competitively compared to other skilled videographers and video production companies, but I am not cheap.
  • I offer a rock-solid guarantee of satisfaction.

Sound like someone you could see yourself working with? Keep reading!

I am not a videographer but a film marketer—why that should matter to you

Hi, this is Jeremy Tuber, film marketer in Scottsdale, Arizona. I know how leverage online video to drive in business, and that’s the number one reason why clients hire me. With over 20 years as a marketing professional, I have a knack for bringing in business. 

I film promotional marketing videos for Arizona (mostly in Scottsdale, Chandler, Mesa, the East Valley and of course, Phoenix) small businesses, dentists, medical professional, artisans, and sports teams/athletes who are passionate about what they do—and they are darn good at. Clients have often called me a walking creative marketing agency because I can not only provide online video marketing, but branding, photography, marketing content, and graphic design. The truth is, if the person you hire to film your video costs more money than they make you (bringing in new customers and revenue) you hired the wrong person/company. If the reason you’re having a video created is to bring in more revenue and to get to that next level of success, you’ve found the right person.  

What clients do I work for—Scottsdale-based small businesses, dental and medical practices, athletes, and creative artisans 

I am a great fit for small businesses, dental and medical practices, creative artisans (even sports programs) who are actively looking for ways to bring in more business—looking to get to that “next level.” I don’t work with trained actors and “movie people.” I help professionals who are passionate about their craft, and darn good at it. They don’t want to be the best-kept secret on the internet—what they do for a living is way too important to be ignored or invisible on YouTube and on the web. If that describes you and the situation you’re in, we should probably talk.  

How I help my Scottsdale clients—YouTube video marketing that works

When you look around, you’ll find that most video production company’s guarantee policy is “We’ll work with you until you’re satisfied.” 

What if you’ve lost confidence or don’t want to work with their videographers anymore? That guarantee isn’t worth much, is it? 

I can and will do better than that—I guarantee that you’ll not only love the video I create for you, but that you’ll love the personal service, the ideas I offer, and you’re going to enjoy the experience of working with me. Yep. Really.

Look, I know if you’re not a trained actor, so videos can be stressful and they kind of put you into a venerable position. I get it, but I make the process easy, relaxed, and enjoyable. My focus is making sure you look, feel, and sound like the pro you are, and I am going to work hard to make sure you have fun. You’re going to be surprised how easy I make things, even if you’ve never been in front of a camera before!

Videos, effective, compelling videos, take time to plan and execute, so I’ll need your help in making your video a success. That said, I do all of the heavy lifting and I guarantee that you will love working with me or I’ll refund all of your money. Look around, see if any other film makers or corporate video companies offer that strong of a guarantee. If they don’t, should you consider hiring them? 

While you’re here, why not peruse the site, check out some of the work I’ve done and what clients have said about working with me? 

If you’re feeling I might be a good fit for what you’re looking to do, head over to the contact me page and drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you—let’s talk.

How can I help you today?

Video is the future, and I want in.

I am ready to have a video filmed—just need to make sure I hire the right person.

Help me see if you’re a good fit for me.

Okay, video has got my attention. I need more info.

Video sounds intriguing, but I am not sure it’s the right time or that it’s a fit for me.

Help me understand how video can help me.

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Let me peruse at my leisure.