Jeremy Tuber


Online video marketing—it is an extension of your branding efforts…and I know branding

Like logo design, I don’t do a lot of branding and collateral design for clients nowadays—I focus my energy and passion on branding through video instead of print. That said, I have worked as a manager of communications, managing editor, creative director, and director of marketing, so effectively using branding and marketing initiatives (including online video) to drive in new business, revenue, and customers, isn’t anything new for me.


While this section is print and not video based, I felt it conveys how many different types of businesses I’ve worked with over the years. Having worked in so many different industries, I not only feel comfortable learning about new professions, it’s an aspect of why I love video so much.


All of these companies had a unique vision and an image they wanted me to capture. When they’d seen what I created, they raved with “Yep, that’s what I was looking for—that’s my company!” Their company jumped to the next level, and they just can’t hide a new sense of professional confidence. Whoo hoo! It’s both humbling and very cool to be able to have such a positive affect on someone else’s professional life 🙂


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