Jeremy Tuber

Unisit Sit Strap System—a horse riding training tool

Filming an instructional video for the Unisit Sit Strap System

Filming horses out in the desert isn’t something I’ve done a lot of in my career…being in a horse arena is a far cry from filming in a doctor’s office, but this was a fun project. In addition to the filming and editing, I also did some of the voice over work on the project. While it wasn’t expected, we broke the filming into two separate sessions. Unfortunately, on the first day of filming, the horse had enough of being on camera, so we were forced to wrap up shooting. On the second day of filming, we timed the set up, filming, etc. a lot ore efficiently, which everyone (including the horse) appreciated.


I worked with a different second camera operator on this project: one who was very reactive; the other was proactive. I get along and like both—they just have very different styles of working on-set.  I was told the horses in the video were from Germany and are valued at over $300k. Hmm, my dad passed along a vintage Porsche to me, and while it’s from Germany, it’s not worth that kind of money!


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