Jeremy Tuber

Business Minds Unite—Sales and Marketing Seminar in Phoenix

Business Minds Unite—Sales and Marketing Seminar in Phoenix:

This was one of five videos I filmed for MVS Marketing and Consulting agency and their upcoming Business Minds Unite seminar in Downtown Phoenix. This was a last-minute shoot (basically, we showed up at the host hotel on a Friday morning with a few rough scripts but no time to scout the location or run through a rehearsal ahead of time). I appreciated Marco and his team letting me know they had a great experience working with me. They loved the video, and they said they were so pleasantly surprised that the number of revisions they had with me we was far fewer than videographers they’d worked with in the past. Seems like I got their vision from the “get go,” and they were a blast to work with.


Marco did a nice job delivering his script (while walking, might I add), so it all worked out. Looking forward to filming the actual conference in January!