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Is it time your small business or dental / medical practice take advantage of online video marketing and for you to reach that next level of professional success? Let’s talk.

Thanks for thinking about reaching out to me. I recognize there could be some doubt in taking the next step. I have the same thoughts and apprehensions in reaching out to new professionals too (Am I going to like this person? Are they going to be pushy? Will they really listen to me?).

While I can’t promise I am the right person to film every marketing video, I can assure you that I will respond in a timely way to your inquiry (and I can often respond during non-business hours, so don’t let that deter you from reaching out at odd times).

I’ll also offer you honest advice, and I’ll do my best to help you find the right solution—even if that’s working with someone else.

I am here to help, and I won’t waste your time. If that sounds good, what are you waiting for? If you’d like a faster response, feel free to send me over a text message.

PS—You can also visit my bio and drop me a line on LinkedIn.

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    Jeremy’s Google reviews
    • I have been nothing short of amazed with Jeremy and his talents, wealth of knowledge and expertise! Jeremy is a bargain at any price! At first, I was… read more

      Steve Anderson Avatar Steve Anderson
      August 23, 2019

      Jeremy was fantastic to work with! He helped us every step of the way as we had zero experience with a project like this before!

      James Mckinney Avatar James Mckinney
      August 23, 2020

      Jeremy Tuber worked with my plastic surgery practice to produce a series of professional videos for our website, both in the office and in the operating room. He did… read more

      James Nachbar Avatar James Nachbar
      August 23, 2019
    • Jeremy is extremely talented and knows how to make a high quality and professional video for ANY situation. Not only does he have a great work ethic and produce great… read more

      Onika Patel Avatar Onika Patel
      August 23, 2019

      Jeremy is a fantastic film maker. I have done over 20 videos with him so far and plan to use him for all my film making needs. From… read more

      Elgin Maximillion Avatar Elgin Maximillion
      August 23, 2019

      Working with Tuber has been a pleasure. Jeremy knows exactly what has to be done to get the best results. He works professionally with great care to details and excellent… read more

      Beto Mariño Avatar Beto Mariño
      December 23, 2021
    • I can’t emphasize enough how much I loved working with Jeremy! He was professional, kind, excellent with communication and direction (both giving and receiving), and it was so much fun… read more

      Dr. Christy S-J “Dr Soto” at Guiding Elements Medical Center Avatar Dr. Christy S-J “Dr Soto” at Guiding Elements Medical Center
      August 23, 2020

      Jeremy is a wonderful professional. We spent time on the phone and via email to prepare for our video shoot. The day of the shoot he made sure… read more

      Suzie Hessman Avatar Suzie Hessman
      August 23, 2021

      Jeremy is an amazing film marketer, a true professional with an artistic perspective who is a joy to work with. The end result is light-years ahead of anybody… read more

      pianoforte76 Avatar pianoforte76
      August 23, 2019
    • Jeremy is a joy to work with! He is very personable, while being completely professional and knowledgeable about his craft. He knows the dental industry inside and… read more

      Angela Cowden Avatar Angela Cowden
      August 23, 2020

      Jeremy Tuber is the only video production company I trust. He is insanely helpful – he’s done videography services for our charity gala’s and always available to help with all… read more

      Tateyanna Willingham Avatar Tateyanna Willingham
      July 23, 2022

      Jeremy made the day fun. I was surprised at 1st when he mentioned we were going to be at our office for 7 hours. The time flew by… read more

      cynthia leong Avatar cynthia leong
      August 23, 2021