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Is it time your small business or dental / medical practice take advantage of online video marketing and for you to reach that next level of professional success? Let’s talk.

Thanks for thinking about reaching out to me. I recognize there could be some doubt in taking the next step. I have the same thoughts and apprehensions in reaching out to new professionals too (Am I going to like this person? Are they going to be pushy? Will they really listen to me?).

While I can’t promise I am the right person to film every marketing video, I can assure you that I will respond in a timely way to your inquiry (and I can often respond during non-business hours, so don’t let that deter you from reaching out at odd times).

I’ll also offer you honest advice, and I’ll do my best to help you find the right solution—even if that’s working with someone else.

I am here to help, and I won’t waste your time. If that sounds good, what are you waiting for? If you’d like a faster response, feel free to send me over a text message.

PS—You can also visit my bio and drop me a line on LinkedIn.

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    Jeremy’s Google reviews
    • Jeremy was AWESOME to work with – very professional yet fun at the same time. He took a lot of time to get everything we needed to make a very… read more

      Todd Pearson Avatar Todd Pearson
      August 23, 2018

      Jeremy is pleasure to work with and makes the whole process a breeze. He prepares you prior to your video shoot with questions he will ask and suggestions to… read more

      Scottsdale Family Smiles Avatar Scottsdale Family Smiles
      August 23, 2018

      I can’t emphasize enough how much I loved working with Jeremy! He was professional, kind, excellent with communication and direction (both giving and receiving), and it was so much fun… read more

      Dr. Christy S-J “Dr Soto” at Guiding Elements Medical Center Avatar Dr. Christy S-J “Dr Soto” at Guiding Elements Medical Center
      August 23, 2020
    • Jeremy did a promotional video for our company and wow was he a pleasure to work with. He delivered 200% for us at a reasonable price with an amazing… read more

      Christopher Weed Avatar Christopher Weed
      August 23, 2021

      It was our first time working with Jeremy and he was absolutely amazing to work with. He was very organized and helped us every step of the way. He had… read more

      Michelle Peralta Avatar Michelle Peralta
      August 23, 2021

      Very professional and great communication. Would definitely recommend Jeremy. Was amazing to work with and was fast and efficient. Couldn’t have had a better experience. Thank you!

      Foam Daddy Avatar Foam Daddy
      August 23, 2021
    • Amazing! Can’t say how pleased we are with not only Jeremy’s approach, but also with his product. His knowledge and expertise are plain to see as he is… read more

      Mathew Jensen Avatar Mathew Jensen
      August 23, 2020

      Jeremy is a wonderful professional. We spent time on the phone and via email to prepare for our video shoot. The day of the shoot he made sure… read more

      Suzie Hessman Avatar Suzie Hessman
      August 23, 2021

      It was an absolute wonder to work with Jeremy. His relaxed, friendly manner made the experience fun, and his expertise made it easy! He was always quick to… read more

      Dr. S at GEMC Avatar Dr. S at GEMC
      August 23, 2020
    • My wife and I met Jeremy on a shoot he was doing for our Jeweler, Diamond Jim’s. We are clients of theirs and we were invited to be part of… read more

      Michael Clevenger Avatar Michael Clevenger
      June 23, 2022

      Jeremy was tremendously helpful at setting up, during the actual shoot, and post-shoot. Our video was so professional and many of our clients commented on it. Very appreciative… read more

      Barbara Purdom Avatar Barbara Purdom
      October 23, 2021

      Jeremy is a fantastic film maker. I have done over 20 videos with him so far and plan to use him for all my film making needs. From… read more

      Elgin Maximillion Avatar Elgin Maximillion
      August 23, 2019