Jeremy Tuber

Hair by Johnny G, International hair stylist

I’ve had the honor to work with Johnny for a couple of decades. He’s been a good client and a good friend, and he’s also an international celebrity hairstylist (sort of a celebrity in his own right). I’ve created everything from Johnny’s logo, brand, book, collateral, and now, his videos. While we tried some AI voice-over options, Johnny wanted me to do the voice-over for him. We wanted this video to be lively and uplifting, but at the same time, it has an elegance to it as well. Johnny’s testimonial, “I had an incredible experience with Jeremy, my mentor from Beverly Hills celebrity stylist Masaki. He flew all the way to Arizona to assist me with a TV appearance for NBC! Jeremy and his production team did an amazing job creating a promotional video for my business behind the scenes. I couldn’t be happier with the experience. If you’re looking to elevate your business, I highly recommend reaching out to Jeremy. You won’t be disappointed!”