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Long-time friends and clients Dean and Nancy Mowry. This was a photo I’d taken for a website I created for them years ago. They joke, “We’ve gotten so many compliments on this photo over the years!”

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Video marketing for small businesses—affordable and very effective

A quick look at the brands, video marketing, collateral materials, and photography I’ve done over the years, and you’re thinking, “Jeremy’s worked with a lot of different professions.”
I have, and that’s part of why I love filming video promotions: I get the opportunity to discover and then delve into different professions I would have never ordinarily learned about. I’ve worked with companies ranging from solopreneurs and SMB (small businesses and medium-sized businesses).
The following list is a sampling of the types of small business and solopreneurs I’ve worked with over the years—all in the Scottsdale, Phoenix, Chandler, and Glendale areas: business coach, physical therapy clinic, massage therapist, mega church, chiropractor, hair stylist, dentist (GP and specialist), realtor, personal trainer, martial arts dojo, pest control, 3D athletic testing, plumber, home developer, employer services, disc jockey, CPA, nursing home, hospice, interior design, restaurant equipment, contact lenses, mortgage broker, and at least a handful more.

Marketing ideas, marketing tips, and marketing strategy when it comes to online video—don’t worry. I’ve consulted with loads of small businesses.

If you’re concerned I won’t understand your business, your customers, or your goals—try me. I am inquisitive and going to ask a lot of questions regarding your marketing. Before I even come close to pressing “record” on my cameras, I’ll be able to confidently articulate your company’s focus, customers, mission statement, and value proposition. You see, in order to be able to create a video that will compel and sell viewers on working with you, I have to know enough about you to sell you—don’t worry, I’ll invest the time and energy to be able to.
Remember, my formal background is in marketing—I am a marketing professional who happens to be a videographer—NOT a videographer who doesn’t know anything about driving new customers into your sales pipeline. If you need your video marketing to work, I am your guy.
I help small businesses succeed, become more profitable, and take their passion to the “next level.” I ask forward-thinking small businesses to give me 120 seconds to compel and sell their target market on choosing them, but I only need 60!
Here’s what I can do for your business:
  • Get more customers and sales opportunities through your website.
  • Prospect for new customers and clients by featuring marketing videos on YouTube.
  • Generate and or increase web traffic as well as social media exposure if you use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Offer small business marketing ideas (tips that involve and even don’t involve the video promotion). My current employer calls me an “idea factory.”
  • Get customers (or patients) faster.

Why I might be a better fit to film your marketing video than a video production company

I’ve checked around some of the Scottsdale and Phoenix video production companies—they’ve got some talented videographers, but they’re not business people, and their attention is not going to be on applying marketing strategies and tips to find and attract online customers for your business. However, that’s my focus. My degree is in marketing (BS in BA—marketing), and in 2018 I earned the designation of Professional Certified Marketer (PCM) from the American Marketing Association.
Marketing moves fast, but I keep up with trends and technology, and you bring me on and I’ll bring that cutting-edge knowledge to get you a great ROI.
These online video production companies film documentaries, short films, music videos—anything that comes through the door. I respect that, but if you’ll notice, almost all of the work I do is for small businesses (many in the medical and dental profession). What that means to you is that my focus and comfort level is working with small business owners and managers like you—not with trained actors and extras.
What’s more, while we’ll want to create a video that looks great, our focus is is going to be getting you more customers, more website traffic, and more sales. Does that sound like something you want? If so, head over to the contact page and let’s start a dialog.

Hey, there’s no pressure to reach out to me, but you’re here because you really want more revenue for your small business, practice, and or your passion. You want and deserve that next level of success, but you know that’s not going to happen by doing nothing. You need to make a change, so let’s start an informal, casual dialog and just see if it makes sense for me to help you out. There’s a darn good chance I can.

Jeremy’s happy clients