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Dentists having a promotional video filmed for their dental practice—know the answers to these three questions

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The three questions you must answer in your video interview promoting your dental practice, and why

In filming a promotional video (and interview) for a dental practice, I’ll ask over 20 questions. To be honest, the questions serve more as a guideline than a regimented list to be followed. Interviews should be organic, natural, and fun, which makes the dentist look and sound more relaxed on camera.

That said, my interview questions have been developed, honed, and then honed again over the years. The questions are specifically designed to address the fears, inquiries, and apprehensions patients have in visiting a dentist, as well as why they choose one dentist over another.

Interviews take 10-20 minutes after the audio, cameras, and lighting has been set up. In the end, I get a lot more footage/answers than I really need for a 2-3 minute promotional clip. As an editor, this is ideal. Having more interview footage is always better than having not enough. However, dentists aren’t known for having a lot of free time on their hands. That got me thinking, in one of those, “If you were on a desert island” scenarios, if I was limited to asking a dentist just three interview questions for a promotional video for their practice, what would I ask?

  1. Why did you become a dentist?
  2. Why do you love what you do?
  3. Why do patients enjoy coming to this practice?

So why those three questions?

Those three questions were chosen from the standpoint of what would best resonate with patients, which in turn, will get them to book an appointment for treatment. Unless dentist indicates differently, promotional videos should be created to generate patients (butts in operatory chairs).

The truth is, patients (all other things equal) choose a dentist based on emotion—a gut feeling, so it’s vital that a promotional dental video establish a personal connection with viewers. It seems ridiculous, but a powerful personal story of why you became a dentist carries more weight with potential patients than fellowship in a prestigious dental fraternity. Patients can’t evaluate clinical skill (in person or in a video), so my focus is always helping potential patients to feel or perceive that they can relate to the dentist, they like the dentist, and that they can trust the dentist.  

What’s the take away?

While you don’t to limit yourself to just three interview questions, you do have to be mindful of keeping your video to 1-3 minutes. Because you can’t squeeze everything you want to say into that time window, you have to prioritize—those three questions are a great place to start.

Whether you are filming, or if you’re having someone film, a video for your practice, focus your time on camera in sharing your personal side with patients. Tell concise but expressive stories that show your passion for being a dentist and for giving your patients the best dental care that you can. Letting patients know about your honors and awards, your clinical knowledge, and how your new CEREC machine will allow them to receive a crown in one day is important. Keep that information listed on your website, but keep it out of your video.  

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