Jeremy Tuber

Arizona Fencing Center—Mesa, Arizona and East Valley—Olympic sport for kids and adults

Director’s notes about filming a video for an olympic sport like fencing at the Arizona Fencing Center:

I never thought I’d end up filming a fencing video, but it was enlightening and fun. I was surprised at how quickly the sabers move through the air (Jedis with lightsabers have nothing on these guys.) Teresa and Ricky definitely got a good workout in—they were working hard.

Director’s notes about filming a video for an olympic sport like fencing at the Arizona Fencing Center:

Fencing, a relatively new sport to the western United States, encourages self-esteem, the development of self-confidence, and promotes physical fitness. Fencing is a great sport for developing general athletic skills including speed, agility, endurance, and hand/eye coordination. Fencing teaches respect for self, teammates, competitors, and coaches. The skills practiced through fencing help people learn to develop analytical thinking skills, strategic problem solving, and make quick, correct decisions. Fencing develops life skills that are essential to achieve educational and career success.


The Arizona Fencing Center is a fencing club serving the communities in and around Phoenix metropolitan area.  We are pleased to offer open fencing, classes for advanced and beginning fencers, as well as individual private fencing lessons.  We serve and educate the community by hosting fencing demonstrations and participating in fitness events throughout the year.


The coaching staff at Arizona Fencing Center is committed to supporting each individual as they work to achieve their personal, athletic, and competitive goals by fostering the principles of respect, patience, and competitive spirit. The coaching staff at Arizona Fencing Center has been professionally trained either in Europe or the United States.


The Arizona Fencing Center is a Member Club of the United States Fencing Association. US Fencing is the recognized National Governing Body for the sport of fencing in the United States.


In September 2002, Rick Moss and created Mesa’s only three weapon fencing center. Rick recognized the need for a full-service fencing center in the East Valley and worked hard to make his vision a reality. Since that time, AFC has grown, fencers have come and gone.


In 2008, Florin Paunescu, our Fencing Master, takes over as club owner. Florin’s presence at AFC brings new meaning to fencing in Arizona, making AFC an emerging force in US fencing.


Under Florin’s guidance, the club relocated to 1905 South Macdonald Ste 5, Mesa, AZ in September 2011 and celebrated a Grand Reopening as a modern fencing gym with a fencing tournament, of course! A custom sport floor has been installed along with an overhead reel system allowing us to have unimpeded soccer games and room to practice!


AFC is now positioning itself to train elite fencers who compete at national and international events.

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