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The best (top 12) questions videographers, video production professionals, designers, and creative artists hope you don’t ask (at least most of them)

Tough questions that will help you make the right choice in growing your small business, getting results, and maximizing your marketing investment

  1. Beyond aesthetics, how do you measure the success of a client’s project (online promo video, website, flyer, corporate identity, etc…)?
  2. Do you have any formal or practical experience or training in business, marketing, or advertising?
  3. If you aren’t well versed in business, marketing, and advertising, how can you help my business separate from the competition, focus on my target markets, and achieve my marketing objectives?
  4. How can you help me develop a focused, consistent and clear marketing message that specifically targets the customers I am attempting to attract?
  5. How have you helped your clients gain more prospects, additional revenue, more market share, help them separate from the competition, or make better use of their marketing/advertising budget?
  6. Do you have testimonials that indicate that you get results for your clients?
  7. What marketing and advertising initiatives and strategies do you have in place for your own company? What kind of results are they bringing?
  8. How has your business grown over the past year? By how much? What can you attribute that to?
  9. What is your client retention rate? How many clients come back to you for additional projects after the initial one is completed?
  10. Beyond aesthetics, how can you ensure my video or marketing/design project will be effective so I maximize my investment?
  11. What initiatives do you have in place to ensure you are keeping up to date with the latest design, marketing and advertising trends? How is continuous learning and improvement an aspect of your business?
  12. Have you written any marketing articles or education for business professionals? Have you published anything that would establish your credibility as an expert in the profession?

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