Jeremy Tuber

The Arizona Dental Association’s annual dentist and hygienist meeting—WRDE 2019

Director’s note about filming AzDA’s WRDE 2019 video:

I was looking for a high-energy video that shows a mix of learning, social events, and just fun attendee interactions. The music track was remixed to fit within a 1:30 spot.

About the WRDE (Western Regional Dental Experience) in Arizona:

WRDE, the Western Regional Dental Experience, Phoenix, AZ is the annual meeting of the Arizona Dental Association. Held every spring, it brings in 4-5k dental professionals (dentists, hygienists, dental team members, and dental companies from around the state and around the country). The 2019 meeting is held at the Renaissance Resort and Spa in Glendale, AZ (right next to where the Arizona Cardinals play football). WRDE is the largest annual dental meeting in Arizona.

Special thanks to AzDA member dentist and friend Dr. Tung Bui (endodontist in Tucson, AZ) for his terrific drone footage.

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