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Harness the power of telling your small business’ brand story

Marketing advice: Why your small business brand story matters

We’ve been telling stories for centuries, and as much as some might like to deny it, no one can resist a good one. They were effective in Biblical times and they still are today.

I’ll bet you and your customers appreciate hearing a good story too. In this short article, I am going to convince you that if you want to sell your products or services, you’ll want to sell your story first.

The women of Gold Ribbon Gourmet have been loyal clients of mine for years. I grew up with them and played soccer with their brothers in high school. They approached me a few years ago with the idea of forming a business that would sell high-end baked goods. They make some of the best pastries around. I know, I’ve probably eaten too many of them.

But no one is going to pay attention to them just because they have some of the best pastries around. I know it’s shocking, but stay with me—not many people will really care. Furthermore, no one would genuinely believe it if Gold Ribbon Gourmet touted this in their marketing efforts.

There are hundreds if not thousands of other options a sweet-toothed aficionado can satisfy their cravings. Doughnuts, cakes, pies, and chocolate covered cherries – the list is endless. There are just too many options for customers to choose. All of these other bakers and pastry chefs will also claim, “We’re the best”, “We’re the fastest,” or, “We’re the tastiest.” So taking this approach to their marketing will surely get Gold Ribbon Gourmet lost in all the noise out there. The picture I’ve painted here looks bleak, but it’s not. In fact the women of Gold Ribbon Gourmet have a golden opportunity.

The women of Gold Ribbon Gourmet have a secret weapon. They’ve got a story, and a damn good one.

I’ve told you that these women make some of the best tasting pastries around. Did that do anything for you? Did that stir anything inside of you to want to try some of their high-end baked goods? Did that make you want to buy from them? Nope. At this point, is there anything memorable about Gold Ribbon Gourmet? Again, another “nope.”

Now let me tell you the story behind the tasty treats of Gold Ribbon Gourmet.

If you search Google Maps to locate Gold Ribbon Gourmet’s factory you won’t find it. What you will find are Maria, Joanna, Georgia, and Eleni, three Greek sisters and their mother who want to share their passion for making authentic, handmade Greek baked desserts with you.

Maria, Joanna, Georgia, and Eleni make all of the desserts by hand, in a traditional Greek home and kitchen. Just like those kitchens you remember from years gone by, the ones give anything to get near enough to smell the aromas.

From the honey-dripping baklava to the irresistible kourambiedes, everything is bursting with the smells and tastes that you can only get from years of experience and passion for baking. And you won’t find these tastes anywhere else, Gold Ribbon Gourmet desserts are all created from secret family recipes from old world Greece that have been passed down from mother to daughter for generations.

When you want to have more than just another dessert, I invite you to come and experience authentic Greek desserts made from the finest hand-selected ingredients and time-honored family recipes. You can smell and taste the pride, tradition and care in every bite.

Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

Do you notice the powerful difference between the two marketing approaches? We can focus our marketing on fresh ingredients, but everyone can talk about that. With the other approach, we’re focusing on a rich story of tradition that’s been passed on for generations.

Wouldn’t you like to tell your friends that you just bought handmade, authentic Greek baklava that was made from a treasured family recipe that’s been passed down for generations? Furthermore, if you’re having an online marketing promo video filmed for your business, would it make sense to hire a videographer or video production company who can see your business the unique way Gold Ribbon Gourmet has been depicted in this article?

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