Jeremy Tuber

Hands-free toothbrush video—ULU

Director’s notes about filming the ULU toothbrush:

I’d like to say that we’d developed a well-constructed creative direction before filming, but it didn’t work out that way. For one of the clients, I filmed a handful of dentistry related interviews, including a couple of ULU testimonials. One of the executives from ULU was in town just for the weekend, so they asked if I’d be available to film some bRoll the next day at a client’s house. Sure, why not?


Despite not having a formal creative plan and direction before starting the project, it came out pretty well, and the clients are happy. That’s huge. As a last point about this video, and it’s important, I did not film all of the clips seen in the video. That’s extremely unusual for me. I filmed and edited friend and AzDA member dentist Dr. Bienstock’s interview. The other four interviews were shot in CA. I edited, but did not film them. The client asked me to head over to LA to film them, but that’s a long drive with a truck-load of camera gear. I am honored they still wanted me to do the post-production work.

About the ULU toothbrush:

ULU is the next evolution in brushing teeth has arrived featuring simultaneous full-mouth cleaning, teeth whitening technology, blue and red light, and more style than you can handle.


The ULU features brushing and massaging modes for better oral health. Massaging can loosen debris and promotes better bloodflow to prevent gingivitis and periodontitis.


No more pricey in office bleaching needed. ULU’s blue light technology allows everyday whitening as well as quick targeted whitening bleaching sessions.


The ULU features advanced Red and Blue light technology. The Blue light is used for enhancing whitening and the Red light is used to promote soft tissue healing and reduction of inflammation.


The ULU features 4x the amount of bristles for more cleaning power for all sides of your teeth, including the occlusal surfaces.


More bristles also means more massaging power for your gums and the inside of your cheeks.


The ULU is the new innovative way to clean all your teeth at the same time. If you brush your teeth for 2 minutes, each tooth is getting less than 6 seconds of attention. With the ULU, each tooth will receive the full 30 seconds. It even has a built in timer so you know when you’re done. The ULU also features red light technology on brushing mode to promote tissue healing and reduce inflammation.


The ULU delivers mega whitening power with it’s blue light technology. Whiten on an everyday basis when combined with our specially formulated whitening toothpaste. Swap the brushing mouthpiece with the included whitening mouthpiece and use the whitening mode with whitening gel for ultra results.


The American Dental Association promotes massaging gums to help with blood flow. Increased blood flow to gums has been shown to allow the tissue to repair itself more effectively and be less susceptible to the effects of gingivitis and periodontitis. Massaging the gums also can loosens and remove debris from the periodontal pocket. Plaque and food particles are then easier to clear away.


The ULU brushing mouthpieces are available in four sizes ranging from kids to adult large to accommodate every mouth. The brushing mouthpieces are made of food-grade silicone specially designed for maximum cleaning power with up to 4 times more bristles and cleaning nodes than the others. The Whitening Mouthpiece are created with blindingly bright smiles in mind.

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