Jeremy Tuber

Dr. Kamran Fattah, dentist in Scottsdale, Arizona

Director’s notes about filming Dr. Kamran Fattah:

This is the second of the two videos I filmed for Dr. Fattah and Scottsdale Family Smiles (focusing more on just the dentist). I was genuinely impressed with Dr. Fattah’s passion for CE and his patients, but the technology he had in his office. His T Scan and the way they administer anesthesia (virtually painlessly) to patients is remarkable. Dr. Fattah expressed some trepidation about interviewing on camera. While he’d done it before, he was stressed about it. During our initial meeting (and having asked him a number of questions) I reassured him that he’d do just fine. He asked if he could make a separate recording of some of his answers in case the interview didn’t come out well. I of course allowed him to do this extra recording, but I knew he wouldn’t need it. He spoke from his heart and did an outstanding job.

About Dr. Fattah and Scottsdale Family Smiles, Scottsdale, AZ:

At Scottsdale Family Smiles we relish the opportunity to provide you the best dental care available. We are proud to provide family dental care to the community of Scottsdale, AZ and surrounding areas. Exceeding your expectations with life-long dentistry is our passion. Every team member in our office has received specialty training to provide you comfortable, quality care and it shows! We offer an array of services, including whole family dentistry, cosmetic dental care, Invisalign clear braces, tooth replacement with dental implants and treatment for sleep disordered breathing and apnea.

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