Jeremy Tuber

World Hockey Lab—International coach Hiroki Wakabayashi—goalie camp in Phoenix, Arizona

Director’s notes on filming a hockey training camp in Phoenix for World Hockey Lab:

Had a great time working with Hiroki. He was nervous that I’d get hit by a stray puck while filming. While I wore a helmet, I didn’t have any other gear on. It worked out okay. It’s actually the first time I’d been on the ice for a little while—it was nice to be out there, even if I was just filming. Had I trained under Hiroki when I was younger, I would have been a better goalie. For the creative direction, Hiroki wanted the video to resemble his coaching style: efficient, high-energy, and intense. I think we got it 🙂

About World Hockey Lab and Coach Hiroki Wakabayashi:

World Hockey Lab, LLC provides innovative hockey/goaltending camps, clinics, private and lessons, video analysis and consulting anywhere in the world. Hiroki Wakabayashi has been coaching hockey/goalies more than 20 years in 8 different countries. Hiroki is originally from Osaka, Japan. He has been coaching for 20 plus years in eight different countries in various level including Asia League professional hockey, National teams, Boarding Hockey School in Canada (Harrington College) and NHL affiliated youth hockey organizations (San Jose & Phoenix).


Hiroki’s hockey knowledge and works extends from team coaching, individual skills and also to goaltending.


Hiroki has been working with the goaltending coaching legend Francois Allaire for more than 20 years to obtain his goaltending coaching knowledge and skills. Some of his goalie students in North America are playing in Junior, college and professional level.


Hiroki is also working with the world famous skating guru Boris Dorozhenko as his goalie coach in his camps around the world.

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