Jeremy Tuber

Womel, Dental Practice Broker

I’ve known Kyle since 2020. He’s a good guy (he does the right thing), and he genuinely cares about his dentist clients. I’ve told him that I expect big things out of his career. He’s going to do great things. I spent a lot of time giving Kyle some TLC and advice (when appropriate). I really want him to do well. I also designed a print ad for him and took some portrait photos of him. He’s become a good friend over the years. Here’s what Kyle had to say about me, “Jeremy is hands down the top videographer in dentistry, and I would even argue the best of any industry. If you have the slightest hesitation about being camera shy, I can tell you from experience that he makes the entire production journey as fun and relaxing as possible. After the first few scenes, you actually start to enjoy being the talent! The value of what Jeremy provided in terms of video marketing to showcase parts of my business that other types of strategies couldn’t capture easily paid for itself and took me to the next level. I will be a returning customer when I need more for my business and would advise anyone to work with him as well.”