Jeremy Tuber

Tooth Corps

Dr. Gwilt’s a riot. I wasn’t sure I had the time to take on his project, but after learning he served in the military as a tank commander (and talking with him on the phone), I made sure I could help him out. We had a great time filming–lots of laughs. Dr. Gwilt’s a perfectionist, and he’s the real deal (guy comes right at you with who he is, and what he’s about. I respect that about him). As a special bonus for Dr. Gwilt, I created an extended special military intro for his video. I put in 3-4 hours just on that. Thankfully, he loved it and his video. He posted the following testimonial, “Jeremy did a great job. He helped meme with a few video. He was so through and made sure to get lots of video. My video looked very professional. Thank you Jeremy.”