Jeremy Tuber

ProSmiles patient testimonial, Vanity

I had a great time meeting and working with Vanity. The ProSmiles team bought us lunch, so I chatted with Vanity a while before filming her. Turns out she’s done some work in the video/film profession as well. The ProSmiles team loved the testimonial Vanity provided. Here is Dr. Mehta’s testimonial, “Jeremy/Tuber Video has been a phenomenal experience to work with. The entire video shooting day was preplanned to a T. Helped knowing when people were scheduled and what was being filmed. Jeremy and his team arrived before time, setup, and the long day of shooting was perfectly streamlined. The turnaround time and quality of the edited videos were fantastic! Jeremy also coordinated with my marketing team directly (keeping me in the loop) to get them exactly what they wanted! The entire process was seamless! Thanks for the great videos Jeremy! You’re my go-to dental video team for sure!”