Jeremy Tuber

Princess Center Dentistry—Scottsdale Family and Cosmetic Dentist—Dr. Chris Lewandowski

Filming for Dr. Chris Lewandowski and Princess Center Dental:

Having worked at the Arizona Dental Association since 2010, I’ve known Dr. Lewandowski for a long time (from afar anyway). In addition to running his own dental practice, he owns and operates Princess Dental Staffing. So I knew he was busy and that he was a sharp business person. What I didn’t know is that he’s one of the funniest dentists I’ve ever met. His dry, understated sense of humor had me laughing so hard that it ruined a couple of handheld camera shots I tried to take! One other thing I want to point out is that Dr. Lew stepped in and helped out one of my camera operators with an oral health issue he was having. Without a second thought, Dr. Lew stepped in and helping him out. I was amazed he did this, and my camera operator buddy couldn’t be more grateful.


Seeing his video for the first time, I was so pleased with Dr. Lewandowski’s reaction, “I LOVE IT!! I think you did a fantastic job! I’m so impressed. It must have taken a while to put all those tiny tidbits of audio together! Haha And the video blends together so seamlessly. The final product is excellent. You actually were able to make me look and sound pretty good too. I appreciate all the hard work that must have went into that piece, and can’t wait to see more. You have a true talent!”