Jeremy Tuber

Porsche 944 turbo, 1986 video—eye candy in the Sonoran Desert, Arizona

Director’s note about filming vintage sports car, a 1986 Porsche 944 Turbo:

This Porsche has been in the family for a while, so it was nice to get it out there to film. It comes from a colder-weather climate, but has almost no rust or significant wear-and-tear on the vehicle. I filmed the car in McDowell Mountain Park in Fountain Hills. I used a Zhiyun Crane v2 for the gimbal footage, a Konova K2 slider, a Manfrotto tripod, and a GoPro car mount. The majority of the footage was filmed with Canon 80Ds. The car-mounted footage at the end was filmed with a Yi Action Camera.


I learned a couple of things while filming this video: it can get nippy out in the desert in the morning (yep, my hands froze while I was operating the equipment when the sun was low in the sky). I fumbled around for way too long trying to get my hands to warm up. Two, I should have done a MUCH better job of cleaning the windshield and windows. I couldn’t use some cool back-lit shots of the car because those shots revealed the windshield and windows were a little dirty.

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