Jeremy Tuber

Kindred Martial Arts—Kenpo Karate and Cardio Kickboxing in Fountain Hills, Arizona

Director’s notes about filming a video for Kindred Martial Arts:

This was the second martial arts promotion I’d done, and I noticed there was a lot more discipline in this dojo. The kids looked like they were having fun, but there was definitely an air of order and respect. The owner John is a pastor and an all around good guy (except that he’s a Yankees’ fan). For the creative direction, I was looking to create something that showed energy, discipline, and kind of a family atmosphere.

About Kindred Martial Arts in Fountain Hills, Arizona:

We specialize in Kenpo Karate, a highly practical and effective real-world self-defense Martial Art.  The training benefits of which are endless for both children and adults.  We so sure you’ll love Kenpo that your invited to come on by and try a class for free. We teach classes at Harvest Bible Chapel Fountain Hills located at 15202 N Fountain Hills Blvd in Fountain Hills.


Sifu John received his black belt in 2007 as a student of Associate Master Bruce Tyler and Sr. Professor Joel White from our Connecticut headquarters location.  He currently holds a 4th Degree Black Belt (Yondan) in Kenpo Karate.  Mr. Nichols spent several successful years as an assistant instructor with both the Manchester Martial Arts School in Connecticut [PAL] and at the Connecticut headquarters location of Kindred Martial Arts.


In 2011 Mr. Nichols opened his dojo in Fountain Hills where he teaches the standardized “Kindred Kenpo” curriculum.  In the years since becoming a black belt, Mr. Nichols has expanded his training with the Jo Staff and Escrima along with adding training with the Nunchaku to his resume.

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