Jeremy Tuber

George Gervin Prep Academy (GGPA), Phoenix, Arizona

George Gervin Prep Academy (GGPA), Phoenix, Arizona:

I was so glad to hear “The team loved it,” and, “You’re the best Jeremy, it looks awesome.” I appreciate the kind words, but I am thankful for the school admin staff and teachers, Marco and Mr. V (for helping me lug camera gear around the school), and the models for helping me out (the kids there were great too). Filming this shoot by myself wasn’t exactly what I had in mind (I had a crew member bail at the last minute), but “the show must go on,” and I am glad everyone’s happy with the result.


I also wanted to share that the teachers and the kids and the school were very welcoming. I was amazed at how well-behaved the kids were. I also was impressed with how much of a family, supportive environment that they had. Everyone felt like they really wanted to be there. I had a very different experience growing up in the public school system. I was also really impressed that the kids were also were learning emotional intelligence when I was there (something never covered when I was in school). Vist GGPA here.