Jeremy Tuber

Dr. Satish Hiremath—dentist and mayor, Oro Valley, Arizona

Director’s notes on the video shoot for Dr. Satish Hiremath:

I traveled to Oro Valley to write a story, and take photos, on dentist and mayor Dr. Hiremath for the Arizona Dental Association’s monthly publication (as the managing editor). While I was down there, I filmed an impromptu video, which turned out okay considering there was no planning, no script, and that was the first day I’d every seen Dr. Hiremath.

About the Hiremath Family Dentistry dental practice, Oro Valley, Arizona:

All of us at Hiremath Family Dentistry take pride in our personalized approach to our patients. Our goal is to bring back old-fashioned care to dentistry by treating you like family. You can expect to have your concerns listened to, your opinion respected, and your trust valued. Originally from Pennsylvania, Dr. Hiremath grew up in Kalamazoo, MI, where his parents still live. He and Stacy are raising their three beautiful children, Mason, Mahra, and Macallan, in Oro Valley. His oldest son, Jordan, resides in Florida. Dr. Hiremath also has three brothers: Kumar, Anil and Jay.

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