Jeremy Tuber

Dental video production, funny bloopers, Scottsdale, Arizona

Funny bloopers, videographer steps in and acts as a dentist in orthodontist marketing video

So what happens when I step in front of the camera to act as a referring GP to an orthodontist? Well, let’s just say I knew long ago I didn’t have the aptitude to be a dentist. I now know it’s better I stay behind rather than in front of the camera when rolling 🙂 Still, what this shows is not only am I a bad actor, but that you and your entire team are going to have fun during this experience, and isn’t that important too? What’s the point of getting a good video if it’s a stressful, unpleasant experience? Have me film a video marketing your dental practice, and I promise everyone (dentist, hygienists, office manager, dental assistants, and patients) will be respected, be comfortable, and they’ll have fun. Expect a great team-building experience.


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