Jeremy Tuber

Dental Practice Video, AccuCare Dental Centers, Scottsdale, AZ

Director’s notes on filming an “about the dental practice” for AccuCare Dental Centers:

This type of video is a staple for the practice—it gives potential patients an idea of what the vibe, ambiance, and dental team demeanor is before making a decision to make an appointment. That’s vital in their decision-making process because it reduces perceived risk. It’s natural for consumers to feel that it’s risky seeing a new dentist and going to a new dental practice—most everyone has a fear of the unknown…of change. By highlighting the dentist, the team, and the office, in a positive, comforting way in the video, it helps to eliminate that risk. When patients don’t fear that risk, they take action and schedule an appointment.

About AccuCare Dental Centers, Scottsdale, Arizona:

We offer a full-service, state-of-the art dental practice. In addition to general family dentistry, we offer latest technologies in: preventive, res, and cosmetic. About one-half of all Americans dread going to the dentist. AccuCare Dental Centers, PC understands and will help alleviate your fears. We provide exceptional dental care in a comfortable and friendly environment. Using a combination of exceptional dental care and experienced staff, we partner with our patients to provide the healthiest, most beautiful smiles modern dentistry can offer. The doctors at AccuCare Dental have extensive experience in the latest cosmetic dentistry techniques and has helped thousands of patients achieve the smile of their dreams. We are pleased to offer an extensive range of safe, aesthetic, completely natural looking solutions to discolored, misshapen or missing teeth. We take great care in creating a smile that will suit you and will last a lifetime.

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