Jeremy Tuber

Dental practice consulting, D4Metrics

Director’s notes on filming D4Metrics’s Amy Deschamps:

Amy’s been a good friend for years, and when it comes to transitions and advising dentists on their data and team, she’s the tops. We’d talked about putting together a video for a while—glad we were able to put this together. We “borrowed” one of her client’s dental practices on a Saturday. This was a fun shoot—everyone had a good time. I did have a bad back that weekend—thankfully I got through the shoot with no problems. For the creative direction, we wanted to focus on Amy as an approachable professional. I think she was a little surprised I went with the intro that I did. But dentists love that part. It shows an unguarded, spontaneous glimpse into Amy’s personality—people (including dentists) love seeing others “being real.”

About Amy Deschamps and D4Metrics:

The face of practice management and progress is changing! Every day your practice opens it doors, all the actions and procedures create new data. This data becomes a thumbprint – that uniquely identifiable blueprint of every small component of your practice.


This thumbprint tells the story of what is great, what is average, what needs improvement, and what could destroy your practice if you don’t make change.


D4Metrics specializes in using the data your practices creates through your dental software to spot strengths, weaknesses, and trends, then uses that data to help you implement or adjust systems, processes, teams, to cause course correction and help keep your growth and profit always moving forward.

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