Jeremy Tuber

Dental Office YouTube Video—Southwest Kids Dentistry, Tucson

Director’s notes on the video shoot for Dr. Kyla Hollen:

I visited dentist Dr. Kyla Hollen to do a story on her for the dental association’s monthly publication. Filming a dental promotional video wasn’t on my “to do” list heading down to Tucson that day. Because we had a little extra time before the mock dental patients arrived, I put this together for her. I’d never met Dr. Hollen before that day, and we pretty much threw everything together at the last minute. During the interview, the cameras are sitting atop a step ladder and a handful of Dr. Hollen’s pediatric dentistry text books from dental school. The out-of-frame mic was placed on a cushion/stool right in front of her but below the camera.

About the Southwest Kids Dentistry dental practice, Tucson, Arizona:

At Southwest Kids Dentistry, we believe that every child should receive personalized care tailored to their needs in a kid-friendly environment. Each child should receive the education needed to maintain a lifetime of excellent oral health in a family-centered way. Our team is here to support you and your child in building the foundation for a lifetime of oral health.


Dr. Kyla Hollen is a west coast native. She is a graduate from Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health. During her time in dental school, she focused her outreach activities towards working with at-risk youth residing in a boot camp in Queen Creek, Arizona.


After graduation, Dr. Hollen moved to rural Missouri where she obtained a Master’s in Public Health degree that provided her with the resources to develop community programs geared towards improving the oral health of school children and preparing expectant teenage mothers to care for the oral health of their babies. Dr. Hollen completed her pediatric dentistry specialty training through Lutheran Medical Center which partnered with Tucson area training sites.

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