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Dental office construction book by Denco Dental Construction

Director’s notes about filming for Denco Dental Construction president Steve Anderson:

I’d known Steve for years before I filmed this book promotion for him. He has an impeccable reputation in the dental professional in Phoenix…in fact, in Arizona. I don’t know if I’ve interviewed someone else who was as passionate about the work they did, or the people they served, as Steve. I can see why he’s regarded so highly by Arizona dentists for his dental construction. 


For this project we filmed Steve at three different dental offices. Special thanks to Dr. Jeff Schmelter for allowing us to use his office, Dr. Onika Patel (click that link to see the video I filmed for her) for allowing us to use her office, and Dr. Sam Bollwinkel for allowing us to use his implant-placement teaching facility (what an incredible/modern space that is). 


Steve’s book Dental Ease hadn’t been published yet, but I really wanted to provide some footage of the book, so I hunted around and found two visual effects artists, one in Bosnia and the other in Pakistan (yeah, I know that’s crazy). Each visual effects artist composited the Dental Ease cover art on top of footage I shot of a book I had laying around the house!

About Denco Dental Construction (and the book, Dental Ease):

Dental Ease was written by Steve Anderson, president of Denco Dental Construction, Inc., a contractor who has over thirty years of experience—over twenty years in specializing in only building dental offices. This book is all about guiding dentists to their dreams—one simple step at a time.


Denco Dental Construction, Inc. specializes in the design and construction of dental offices. They are accredited by the BBB with an A+ rating and are the only general contractor endorsed by the Arizona Dental Association. They have built over 700 offices with a dedication to quality and personalized service, which is evident by their repeat clients. ROC#122935.


Dental Ease can be purchased on, at, or you can visit Steve at Denco Dental Construction.

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