Jeremy Tuber

Complex dental patient cases and second opinions—Dr. Allison House, Phoenix dentist

Filming for Dr. House and her dental team:

This was the third video I’d put together for Dr. House. Because she has a passion for helping patients who haven’t found help for their oral pain, and she has an in-office lab, Dr. House wanted to reach out to potential patients and let them know she’d be open to listening to them if they’ve tried other alternatives with little/no success. During one of our initial phone calls, I suggested to her that we create a separate video that solely focuses on patients who have complex or difficult oral health cases.


I’ve known Dr. House for years from working at the Arizona Dental Association. I’ve probably known her since 2010. In that time, I don’t know if I could name another dentist in Arizona who has dedicated more time and energy to the profession as Dr. House. She’s won just about every award a dentist can be honored with at the dental association, and she’s served on the local, state, and national levels. She was the youngest dentist to be elected president of the Arizona Dental Association, which is saying a lot for an association that’s been around since 1909!


When I posted this video on social media, I shared, “Some people choose their careers; some fall into theirs. However, I think Dr. House was born to be a dentist—after watching this video, it’s my hope that patients will feel the same way!” The video received some nice praise from Dr. House’s peers, which is always nice to hear, but I know the reason why the video is compelling—I/we did a decent job in filming and editing, but Dr. House is so genuine, authentic, kind, poised, and professional, it’s hard to mess that up.


If you’re a Phoenix resident who stumbled on this page—maybe looking for a new dentist—do yourself a favor and schedule an appointment with Dr. House. You will be glad you did.