Jeremy Tuber

Choules Family Dentistry and Orthodontics in Phoenix, Arizona

Filming for Dr. A William Choules and his team:

Dr. Choules is an avid photographer, so it was fun to show him a behind-the-scenes look at our video gear—even showing him on set what some of the shots looked like (so he could offer some thoughts). Both he and his team (Nicole, Jeannie, and Crystal) were a joy to work with. I also want to thank Regina from Fortune Management for helping out with the shoot (coming in as one of the patients). Hearing Lord of the Rings music in the background while we filmed was a treat for a Tolkien nerd like me! When talking to Dr. Choules and Nicole in our first conversation (Zoom), I could tell Dr. Choules would probably be relaxed, credible, and comfortable on camera. He definitely was!


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