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Breast reduction plastic surgery—Dr. James Nachbar, Scottsdale, AZ

Director’s note about filming a breast reduction video for Scottsdale Plastic Surgery:

This video contains footage from Dr. James Nachbar’s office, as well as him performing surgery in the operating room in a Scottsdale surgical facility. Dr. Nachbar, his office team, and his surgical team were wonderful to work with—friendly and a joy to work with. I’ve had family members visit Dr. Nachbar for a handful of procedures—he is a consummate professional who is caring, careful, and passionate about his profession and helping his patients achieve a better quality of life.


Instead of setting up additional filming days, I was able to borrow a lot of footage I filmed in Dr. Nachbar’s office, which saved me a lot of time, and Dr. Nachbar a lot of money.

About having a Mommy Makeover done by Dr. James Nachbar of Scottsdale Plastic Surgery:

Excessively large breasts can cause physical and social setbacks for women. In addition, extremely large breasts can create insecurity issues and embarrassment, as well as joint pain.


Dr. James Nachbar is a plastic surgeon in Scottsdale, AZ who has helped countless women regain their confidence and enjoy the life they want through a cosmetic breast reduction.


Breast reduction is a dramatic procedure that can change your life. You will thank us every time you stand up!


Breast reduction at Scottsdale Plastic Surgery reduces excess breast tissue and skin to recontour the breasts to a smaller and healthier size. It also reduces the size of the areolae and repositions them so they appear normal with the new breast size.


The breast reduction procedure includes a breast lift, but adds the reduction of breast tissue to the breast lift.


Breast reduction can also be combined with at least a small breast implant, to not only reduce the size of the breasts and correct the loose and hanging tissue, but also bring back the perkiness of the breasts that you remember.


If you suffer from heavy and overly large breasts that interfere with daily life, a surgical breast reduction may be a good option to achieve the body you want.


This surgery is ideal for women who deal with frustration about the large size of their breasts or are not able to lead an active life because of the heaviness of their breasts.


Moreover, if you have ongoing issues, such as back pain or neck pain, this surgery can often greatly diminish these annoyances.

Because the breast tissue and nipple are freed from the surrounding skin, it is critical for breast reduction that you not smoke or “vape” for at least four weeks before and after surgery, to reduce the risk that some of the breast tissue or nipple will be damaged.

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