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Breast augmentation, breast surgery—Scottsdale, Arizona

Director’s note about filming a breast enhancement video for Scottsdale Plastic Surgery:

Rather than filming one video per shoot, which isn’t cost effective, Dr. Nachbar and I planned ahead and got additional action and interview footage so we could create his main video, as well as one or two ancillary specific videos like this.


Why should you care?
This is just one example of how I’ll look to stretch your budget and give you more value than you expect.

About having breast surgery done by Dr. James Nachbar of Scottsdale Plastic Surgery:

Breast enhancement surgery is a procedure that resizes the breasts for a fuller appearance. It is one of the best cosmetic surgeries in terms of patient satisfaction, granting women who are unhappy with their breast look numerous options for improvement. Using breast implants or fat grafting, this cosmetic treatment improves breast size and shape, and produces an attractive and balanced outcome. However, most patients desiring breast augmentation would not be satisfied with the limited enlargement available with fat transfer.


Scottsdale, AZ plastic surgeon Dr. James Nachbar is highly trained in executing this procedure and performs many breast augmentations year round. During your consultation at Scottsdale Plastic Surgery, Dr. Nachbar will address your concerns and desires and provide you with all of the options available, while also tailoring a surgical plan to reach your goals.


Also at your consultation, we can do a 3-D Surgical Simulation, so you can see what you might look like with the breast implants you have selected.

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