Jeremy Tuber

Boxing and sports motivation video—you are not too old

Truth be told, I had this footage shot for a different reason, but I decided to go in a different creative direction.


All of the boxing and sports motivational videos I see on YouTube seem to feature teen and twenty-year-old athletes, and that’s cool. I remember that time in my life, I was just as indestructible as the athletes who are featured. When you get older, doing what you used to do, and performing on the same level isn’t so easy anymore. If you’re in that stage of your life, I wanted to share with you that it’s not over and that you still can compete.


Inspired by motivational YouTube videos I watch from Billy Alsbrooks (Blessed and Unstoppable), Eric Thomas, Motiversity, Pastor Les Brown, Tony Robbins, and Pastor T.D. Jakes, I quickly put this together with the help of friend and DP Corey Sees. Shout out to all of you guys. 


If you are an athlete who has the desire to compete, but you’re not in your prime anymore, I encourage you to get your butt out there, keep working, and do what you can. You can always choose to push yourself and do your best—however many candles you have on your birthday cake.

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