Jeremy Tuber

Bodiac Sculpting, Medical Spa in Phoenix, Arizona

Filming for Bodiac Sculpting:

Barbara and her team over at Bodiac Sculpting were a joy to work with. Barbara and her husband Pete hail from the same area of the country as I do, and I do love my fellow Midwesterners. She was a little apprehensive about doing the interview, but I reassured her and encouraged her over and over, and she did outstanding. After her first answer while we were interviewing on camera, I gave her a reassuring fist bump and told her, “See? I told you that you’d do great and that there was nothing to worry about!”


What I liked about Bodiac Sculpting is that it felt like a down-to-earth home away from home. It sort of felt like a neighborhood barbershop for men, but this was for mostly women. Barbara and Pete, as I like to think of all of my fellow Ohioans, are straight shooters—they really seem like honest, decent people who really do care about their clients.


Visit Bodiac Sclupting here.