Jeremy Tuber

AZ Dental Wellness of Scottdale

Dr. Carlos has a small dental practice in the heart of Scottsdale. I’d known him through my position at the Arizona Dental Association but had never formally met him before. We had a good fit filming him and his small team. Dr. Carlos’s team liked Taylor Swift, so he had her music playing in the background most of the time. Hmm, I am probably too old to get it, but I just don’t get her. Every song sounded the same. Anyway, I joked with Dr. Carlos that if he didn’t like his video, I would buy and listen to a Taylor Swift album. Mercifully, he loved the video. He shared the following with me, “Looks terrific! you did a wonderful job. You’re amazing. Great work. If I can ever get Taylor Swift tix, you’re coming with me!!!”