Jeremy Tuber

AZ Dental CPA, Chris Torregrossa, Certified Public Accountant, Phoenix, Arizona

Filming for Chris Torregrossa, CPA:

I’ve known Chris for a long time. He’s been a staple when it comes to supporting the Arizona Dental Association and organized dentistry in Arizona. I’ve also had the chance to work with him on some accounting. I like the way he works, and I like his honest, straightforward approach. Chris cares about his clients, but he doesn’t sugarcoat things, and he doesn’t just tell clients what they want to hear. In interviewing Chris, what stood out most to me is his passion to help clients make the most of their money AND avoid making mistakes. It was the latter part of that concept that stuck with me—he understands how costly a bad practice transition can set a dentist back. He works hard to ensure that doesn’t happen to his clients.


I also like Chris’s adaptation of modern technology in his accounting practices. He’s always looking for better, more efficient ways of getting things done (after all, dentists are busy people).


Most dental professionals in the Phoenix Metro area know Chris. Deservedly so—he’s built a solid reputation over the years as someone who cares about dentistry and his clients.


You can find more about him and how he helps dentist clients at