Jeremy Tuber

Arizona Dental Association and SourceOne Dental promotion video

Director’s notes about filming a promotion for SourceOne Dental:

I was apprehensive about including this video on this page. This was the first video I filmed for the Arizona Dental Association, and only the third video I’d ever filmed. I came up with the idea of the script and creative direction while driving in the car. Dentist, Dr. Fred Olsen and his team were great sports—we had a blast as you can tell by the bloopers, but it’s artistically and technically not my best work (by a long shot). Thankfully, I’ve gotten a lot better over the years.

About SourceOne Dental:

SourceOne Dental only offers products from direct manufacturers or authorized distributors. No gray market, expired, or counterfeit items are supplied. SourceOne Dental vendors ship exactly what a dentist orders—no alternative brands. Vendors must sell products pursuant to manufacturer guidelines. All vendors offer free ground shipping on any order—regardless of size. SourceOne Dental customers are saving an average of 31% on dental supplies by leveraging the group buying power of 2,500 AzDA members.


If paying high prices are chewing up your practice’s profits, check out AzDA Perks endorsed company SourceOne Dental. Order thousands of products direct from manufacturers and authorized distributors on the dental supplies you already purchase.


There is no catch, no hoops to jump through, and no gray market items (ALL products come with their original manufacturer guarantees). Leverage the group buying power of more than 2,500 AzDA member dentists.


A regular placed supply order on SourceOne Dental can save you 30-50%, so what are you waiting for—a deal?

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