How much should a marketing video cost for your dental/medical practice or small business?

This cost web page is the second most visited area on my website. Whether you’re a small business owner, dentist, or physician looking to take your success to the next level, or you’re a fellow videographer/video production company looking to get a sneak peek at what others are charging, cost is on everyone’s mind.

Before diving in, let me share two quick pieces of advice:

If you’re looking to hire a professional to film your video, never overpay, but remember, things are cheap for a reason. And if your video costs (not makes) you money, you hired the wrong person(s) to film it. Invest $1 in me; I’ll help you earn $3. Sound good? If the videographer doesn’t disclose prices up front, that’s one of the warning signs you’re hiring the wrong videographer.

If you’re a fellow filmmaker, charge a fair and upfront cost to your clients (don’t nickel and dime, give clients more value than they expect, and provide a fun experience they’ll remember). Charge what you’re worth and not what I, and others, am charging.

I’ve looked into marketing video costs—video production companies and marketing agencies (reputable, talented ones) in Phoenix / Scottsdale charge between $2-10k for a video. When you’re operating a small business, dental practice (either looking to bring in new customers or bring in new patients), or you’re an artist or athlete looking for more exposure, the upper end of that range is way too steep.

Because I don’t pay a crew, I am efficient, and I have a full-time job that pays the bills, I don’t need to charge top dollar.  My focus is to work with Arizona small businesses, dental practices, and sports clubs who are friendly, passionate, and good at what they do. I just want to meet great people and have the honor of learning, documenting, and then helping to share their story.

Videos start at $895—most, with nice bells and whistles, are comfortably priced between $1,295 – $2,995. Dentists and physicians, not sure what to pay for your practice video—I published an article to guide you.

Is that cheap?  No. I know no one’s got that kind of money just laying around doing nothing.

The Arizona small businesses, dentists, creative professionals, and sports teams/athletes I work for don’t have thousands of dollars laying around. However, they recognize that whether it’s sushi served at a gas station (yuk!), day-old doughnuts (also yuk!), or the kid down the street who is just learning video, things are cheap for a reason.

I’ve priced the service so that any serious small business owner or dental/medical practice can afford it.

Hiring a videographer here in Phoenix or Scottsdale is usually less expensive than bringing on a marketing agency, but be wary about hiring “a guy” just because he has a video camera. If you’re going to invest in a promotional video for your small business or dental practice, you need to make certain you’ll end up with a marketing video that works. For most of my clients, that means “driving in sales.”

The truth is, the majority of video professionals and video editors aren’t marketing experts. They can’t offer you marketing tips, marketing strategies, or marketing advice as it applies to your YouTube marketing video. My educational and professional background is in marketing, so you can expect I’ll be able to offer marketing guidance that works when it comes to your video, and your online marketing strategy. Sure, the video promotions I put together are supposed to look and sound professional, and make you proud when you watch them, but more than anything else, they are designed to get new customers, increase patient volume, and get more sales. Check out a few of my insights if you’re not sure you’re hiring the right video professional for your marketing video.

I am super competitive (that’s why I don’t mind sharing how much I charge). However, like you, “cheap” is not how clients would describe my work or service.  Never overpay, but avoid cheap unless you have the time and money to have something redone because you didn’t get what you were hoping for.

When you hire film marketer Jeremy Tuber, what will you get for your money compared to hiring a video production company?

Tangible—additional services at no charge

  • Custom thumbnail design to attract viewers to click on your online marketing video.
  • SEO assistance (title, tags, and description) to ensure your YouTube marketing video is seen by the right audience.
  • Intro or outro animation of your logo—to music.
  • Custom music track(s) to match the vibe and length of your video(s).

Intangible—value-added benefits—like icing on a cake

  • You’ll gain a trusted advisor and advocate for life. Have questions about your marketing, design, videos, ask them. I am here to help.
  • Having one of the best videos in your industry/profession, you’re going to find a new confidence to compete.
  • You are going to feel reenergized about your profession after we finish your marketing video.
  • You are going to feel great about yourself having accomplished something you might not have been sure you could do.
  • New marketing ideas and perhaps a new perspective on your customers/patients, competition, and the real value you provide consumers.
  • You are going to be excited to proudly share what we’ve created.
  • Direct access to the person responsible for directing, filming, and editing your video—not an account rep or a handful of people.
  • You’ll have great memories of a fun day of filming your online marketing video.

My videos bring in sales. My marketing videos work.

If you give me $1, I’ll get you $3

Having a promotional video made for your business or practice should never cost money—never.

Instead, your video should perform like a lead magnet—driving in new business—on your website and social media platform. If you’re worried your video will cost rather than make you money, you hired the wrong videographer.

Clients I work with report they recover the cost of the video within six months or less (some within a couple of weeks—jeez!) Even without a concerted digital advertising effort, many clients enjoy a 3-5x return on investment.

The bottom line is that I get it—cost is always a factor when deciding to move on a project.Let’s sit down and see if it makes sense for us to work together.

Small businesses and dentists pay me in exclamation points!!!

In the end, I always invest more time and effort into a online video than what I charge. That’s okay. I love helping small businesses, dental practices, artists, and sports teams in the Phoenix metro area. When you get down to it, the money I charge allows me to pay for gas, software, as well as maintain my video gear and pick up some new and “cooler” gear with the money left over.

What drives me to work so hard on your project is not the paycheck but the email you send back to me after you’ve seen your final marketing video. Reading that we “got it” and exceeded your expectations makes it all worth it. The more exclamation points you use in that email, the better!

Click the following link to see the reviews and testimonials small business owners, dentists, athletes, and artisans in Arizona have given me over the years.

Let’s get you some business and some sales

If this feels pretty good, drop me a line here. Let’s talk.

Top three tips and advice for small businesses and dentists to save money on their marketing video

  1. Do some poking around (some research) up front. Have a look on YouTube and Vimeo and see what types of marketing videos in your profession are out there (especially in Arizona and Phoenix). Look at competitors and note what you like and don’t like about their videos (log the video URLs so you can refer back to them). A good video marketer or marketing agency will always be able to augment your ideas and offer new inspiration, but if you have a rough idea as to what kind of a video you’re hoping for, you’ll have a little room to negotiate.
  2. Limit the number of locations and filming days. Client are always a little surprised at the amount of time and energy that’s devoted to setting up and tearing down lighting, sound, and camera gear. Because of this, if you can keep the number of times a video production company has to set up gear in a new location or on another day, you should be able to save some money on the online video project.
  3. Keep the number of interviews to who is “needed” for the video and maybe future videos, rather than interviewing everyone because they’re there. Building on the point above, once camera, lighting, and sound gear is all set up, interviews can be churned out every 5-20 minutes, which is fairly efficient. The time it takes to film the interview isn’t what increases the cost—it’s the time the videographer invests in the post production process: editing/splicing and cleaning up the interview(s). Let’s say for example that it takes 45 minutes to edit a five-minute interview. If you ask the videographer to film seven interviews in a day, rather than perhaps three, that’s an increase in almost four hours of work (interview time and post production). NOTE: If you think there’s a chance you might want someone interviewed for the current video, or future videos, do it. The extra interview(s) might cost a little more, but that cost will be so much less expensive than hiring the videographer and video editor to come back on another day and film again.
  4. BONUS) Offer to film during a convenient time for the video agency or video storyteller. This approach usually gets better traction with smaller videographers, but it’s worth considering. Video production companies typically have multiple marketing video projects going on at once, so if you’re able to offer some flexibility with your schedule, they might be open to reducing the price a little.

Why you shouldn’t wait to jump on the online marketing video bandwagon.

Am I the right fit to film your marketing video?

How much time (at least) will I need to invest in your project:
How much you pay if you are not satisfied. (Note, this is different than other companies who won’t refund your money but “will work until you’re satisfied.”
Avg number of months before video makes client more money than it cost. (Note: cost of video project compared to sales/customers directly attributable to the video)
Number of clients who have asked for a refund

If your video costs more than it brings in new sales and revenue, you hired the wrong person to film.

Jeremy’s Google reviews

    review rating 5  Jeremy is an amazing film marketer, a true professional with an artistic perspective who is a joy to work with. The end result is light-years ahead of anybody or any company in the Phoenix area! —R. Palalay, RPM Productions, Scottsdale

    thumb pianoforte76

    review rating 5  Jeremy's work is exceptional and a real value-add to our campaigns for recruiting staff and attracting new patients. His focus on quality in production, matched with his ability to successfully share our story in a relatively short video clip make him our first choice for video marketing. We wouldn't trust our brand with anyone else.

    thumb OSR Physical Therapy

    review rating 5  I work on set with Jeremy as a contractor. You'll find a lot of hot heads in the marketing business with big egos, but not Jeremy. His professionalism and kindness while working with his clients stand out to me. He makes people feel comfortable, keeps each shoot fun and engaging, and delivers excellent and effective video content.

    thumb Dakota Jones

    review rating 5  Jeremy is extremely talented and knows how to make a high quality and professional video for ANY situation. Not only does he have a great work ethic and produce great results, he makes you feel comfortable before during and after filming. This is so essential, when being filmed can be quite nerve wracking, he does everything to make it FUN. He prepares well and has questions he can ask you that he sends prior to filming. Most importantly he listens to his clients and what their needs and goals are and does everything and anything to achieve what they want. I appreciate his attitude, demeanor, talent and professionalism and am so glad I had an opportunity for him to create a video for my practice. Thanks Jeremy!

    thumb Onika Patel

    review rating 5  Jeremy Tuber worked with my plastic surgery practice to produce a series of professional videos for our website, both in the office and in the operating room. He did a very professional job, and the resulting videos are outstanding. However, it is not just the quality of his work, but the care he takes in working with my patients, my staff, and I, that is so very impressive as well. And he is a genuinely nice person. He is a pleasure to work with, and I look forward to doing more projects with him.

    thumb James Nachbar

    review rating 5  Jeremy is a fantastic film maker. I have done over 20 videos with him so far and plan to use him for all my film making needs. From testimonials to commercials, this guy is the king!

    thumb Elgin Maximillion

    review rating 5  Jeremy is very professional, thorough, and personable in working with our group of adults and kids of all ages. He insisted on doing prep-work and strategy-building before shooting video and in the end I could see that it allowed him to format and take the footage needed to create the most awesome promo video we've ever seen. Jeremy was creative in his camera work and the video as a whole came out professionally and with good interest to the viewers.

    thumb Jenifer Gauger

    review rating 5  Our experience with Jeremy was everything we expected plus. Jeremy is extremely organized and prepared and this shows one hundred percent on filming days. Our entire company was somewhat nervous about the experience but all the concerns and nerves were gone within minutes. He set up all of his equipment with his own staff while we continued working. We did not miss any production time and we covered all the events and topics scheduled. We look forward to our next video and would highly recommend Jeremy. We look forward to a continuing relationship with Jeremy — he is a true professional

    thumb Jim Bennitt

    review rating 5  Jeremy is pleasure to work with and makes the whole process a breeze. He prepares you prior to your video shoot with questions he will ask and suggestions to make the day easier. He has a great eye, the video itself is cinematically beautiful. He is also a great story-teller, he brought the "WHY" of our office to life with our video. I highly recommend him for any video marketing you are looking for. Thank you Jeremy!

    thumb Scottsdale Family Smiles

    review rating 5  Jeremy did an excellent job for us amidst challenging circumstances. He made a promo video for my martial arts school working with 30 of my students simultaneously. He was very professional, a pleasure to work with, and the final product was fantastic.

    thumb John Nichols

    review rating 5  Jeremy was AWESOME to work with - very professional yet fun at the same time. He took a lot of time to get everything we needed to make a very professional video. He lays out all of the questions and covers everything you could think of to personalize your video. I highly recommend Jeremy for any and all of your video needs. You will love working with him!

    thumb Todd Pearson

    review rating 5  Mr. Tuber created a video for our business, Hammer Boxing and it turned out fabulous! He was very thorough in finding out the history of our business and the learning the stories behind the two people that we wanted featured videos prior to filming. I feel it is important to know the product before filming in order to capture a true sense of who we are. Our boxers had never been on camera before and Mr. Tuber made everyone feel at ease and made the process easy. Our membership increased significantly due to Mr. Tubers' videos. He makes a quality product that any business would be proud to display. I recommend Jeremy Tuber for any company who wants to increase sales or their social media status; you will not regret it! Manager of Hammer Boxing, Phoenix AZ

    thumb lydia garcia

    review rating 5  I have enlisted Jeremy's expertise on more than one occasion and would jump at the chance to work with him again if the opportunity presented itself. He is experienced, creative, ethical and brings an attitude which lets you know you are in great hands. You can not go wrong with Mr Tuber.

    thumb Raul Martinez

    review rating 5  Jeremy made a video for my table tennis club, and did an amazing job. I've had the video as the first thing people see on my website, and I feel it has helped my business a ton. Jeremy was very professional and paid great attention to detail. I would recommend Jeremy to anyone who wants a great video made!

    thumb Matthew Winkler

    review rating 5  A few years ago we were referred to Jeremy Tuber when we were searching for someone to put together patient testimonials and meet-the-staff videos for our dental practice. We could not be happier to be working with him. Jeremy helped us organize ourselves before the big day so that it would run smoothly. We brain stormed on what activities to shoot, backgrounds, questions to ask the “actors”, etc. Having patients and staff running around would have been chaotic and stressful if we were not so well prepared. The day of the video shoot he arrived early (as he has always done on the subsequent visits) and was ready to go. He worked with the “actors” when filming to put them at ease. While it seems really easy to be interviewed and talk about your job and things that you love, it really isn’t. He coached everyone in a way that worked for them so that they could comfortable say what they wanted to say. Everyone that he has filed has always been happy with their performance afterwards. He is easy to deal with during the video shoots when mulling over ideas. Not pushy but not passive as well. Helps us create the vision that we are looking for. Jeremy takes lots of different views and angles to produce the ever important “B-roll” content. These are needed when in production to help get the right feeling and message for the video. The production time is very fast. We always have a chance to make changes to the video at the time of initial production. Even years later when there have been staff changes, Jeremy is able to go back and edit people in and out of the videos. Staff changes are an unfortunate reality and not having to scrap a video is really nice! We have had Jeremy out many times as we expand our library of content. We have referred our closest business associates and even some patients to Jeremy. They are always very happy. He is always a pleasure to work with and we HIGHLY recommend him.

    thumb Brad Willcox

    review rating 5  If you are looking for professionalism and a finished product you will be excited and proud of, your search is over! I am a guy who is camera shy and didn't really know what I wanted. Jeremy asked the right questions and helped guide me through the entire process. His equipment is state of the art, but the artist is Jeremy himself. You simply can not do better! Thank you Jeremy for your hard work!!

    thumb John Harman

    review rating 5  Jeremy did two videos for our business. It was amazing how professional and wonderful the videos were after he worked his magic. Was able to do testimonials on patients who were uncomfortable in the spotlight and yet turned them into stars on the video. He managed to take an hour or so of recording and put it into a highly usable format for our office to add to our web presence.

    thumb James Bogash