LOL. Me with SVdP Dental Director Dr.Ken Snyder.
We’re both die-hard Steelers’ fans, and we both enjoy boxing (that’s why I have my hand is clenched). 

If you’ve been practicing dentistry in Arizona, you probably have seen my face or have at least seen my work. I have been the manager of communications and managing editor at the Arizona Dental Association (AzDA) since 2010.
In 2012, I started interviewing dentists on camera for the dental association’s monthly publication, Inscriptions, and I discovered that I had a knack for putting dentists at easy and getting them to open up about themselves and their practices (even if they’ve never been interviewed on or off camera before)…I suppose I am easy to talk to, and I know my way around an operatory.
When I transitioned to filming promotional videos for dental practices, dentists I worked with told me videos helped them gain quickly exposure, but also the process of working with me was an enjoyable team-building activity that got everyone into a good mood.
Most important, getting even one patient from watching the video was more enough to cover it’s investment. The dentists I’ve worked for can easily point to more than a handful of new patients who were impressed with them and their practice in the video to make an appointment. That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?
Here’s why you might consider working with me:
* I have a unique perspective about a dentist’s career/practice goals, challenges, and patient flow, that other videographers can’t understand. You won’t find another videographer who respects and knows more about dentistry. I’ve filmed over 40 dental videos, and my wife even works at the front desk in a dental practice.
* I know exactly what to feature in your video so potential patients are engaged, are impressed, and are comfortable in contact your practice for an appointment.
* Dental teams quickly relax and enjoy themselves around me after we talk for just a couple of minutes. It’s always a treat to see team members exhale and smile once they realize I know and respect what they do. Bringing in “video people” who don’t know about dentistry is unnerving for the team. With me, they feel like I am one of their own.
* I’ll invest the time to genuinely understand what is unique about you and your practice. Your practice, your patients, your team, and your chair side manner all paint a picture of how your practice is unique—I’ll discover it with you.
* I am acutely aware of how how busy you are, so I’ll make every effort to make sure you can focus on running your practice. I can film when you it’s convenient for you—including Fridays, Saturdays, early mornings, and evenings.
* Last…well, I love working with dentists.
Now what?
If you know your practice would be doing better if patients could get a feel for you, your team, and your office; and if you want patients to find you rather than the practitioner down the street; we should talk.

Here are the last three dental editors at the Arizona Dental Association. 
Great leaders and friends who have done so much for organized dentistry in Arizona. (L-R) Dr. Eric Curtis, Dr. Brien Harvey, and Dr. Rob Roda. It’s been an honor and privilege to work alongside of these dentists—particularly Dr. Curtis and Dr. Roda (Dr. Harvey was editor before I came to AzDA).