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How can you tell if now is the right time to have an online marketing video filmed for your small business, dental or medical practice?

Video marketing isn’t for everyone. Didn’t think I say that, did you?

From working with clients over the years, I’ve found that video marketing and promotion is for professionals who love, live, and breathe what they do—people with a story and a passion to share. People who don’t want to be invisible or ignored online. It’s not for business owners who are content with their current success, accepting that they’re one of the best kept secrets in Arizona, and who see video marketing as an expense rather than an emerging opportunity.

Truth be told, you don’t need a video for your small business, dental practice, or medical practice, but if you’re looking to get more business—more revenue, and to take things to the next level of success for you, we should talk about how a marketing video can help. It can—and I can—help you to be more successful.

For now, let’s take a straightforward, honest approach to discover if now is really the right time for you to consider having a YouTube online promotional video filmed.

Why do my clients make the decision to have a video filmed?
If you can relate to these, maybe it’s time to take a step forward and contact me:

  • They feel like their marketing isn’t working.
  • They don’t know how to bring in new business.
  • They don’t want to miss out on more business and revenue.
  • They want to charge more for their talent.
  • They don’t want to look like they’re falling behind the times
  • They notice others successfully leverage video, and gaining success.
  • They see news, figures, and research that underscores how popular videos are getting
  • They had someone tell them that you should have a video filmed.
  • They don’t want to be the best kept secret (that’s no fun).
  • They feel like sales or revenue are in a rut.
  • They feel they should be, or deserve to be, doing better.

Before you make the decision to start your online video marketing project, let’s see if now is the right time. Below is a quick self-assessment:

Great videos—the ones that really bring in new business—don’t happen by accident. And while the “heavy lifting” of a video project should be done by a director/producer, (i.e., me), videos that truly capture your brand and attract the right customers/clients, take time, brainstorming, and planning—they’ll require your involvement.

Give yourself one point for every statement you agree to below.

  1. I am confident that my brand and or business will significantly benefit from having a promotional video.
  2. I am going to have a video filmed now—it’s time and it’s a priority. It’s just a question of hiring the right person to help me.
  3. My personal and professional schedules are busy, but I’ll have some time to invest in this project.
  4. I would like to (and am able to) have the video filmed within the next 3-4 weeks.
  5. I am willing and able to communicate and collaborate with the director so that we have a specific creative direction for my video.
  6. Unless something crazy happens, emailing, texting, or calling back isn’t hard tough for me to do within a business day.
  7. Things will come up during the course of the project—that’s normal—but I feel confident we’ll be able to avoid delays on my end (barring something big doesn’t come up).

So how did you score?

If you agree with 5-7 of the above statements, now will probably be an ideal time to shoot a video, so let’s talk. I know there’s always a risk in starting a new project, but like most things in your life, the hardest part is just getting started. And I’ve found that some clients who can’t seem to make up their mind never end up moving forward. Whether you work with me or someone else, don’t let that happen. If it’s any encouragement, I am really easy to work with 🙂

Let’s get things going.

If I sound like someone you’d like working for you, drop me a line and let’s talk about having an online marketing video filmed for you. Let’s chat.

Am I the right fit to film your marketing video?

What about the cost of having a marketing video filmed?

Nothing spike’s a team’s energy more than having a high-octane video created. Not only will it provide great exposure, but the athletes and coaches involved will be stoked to be in it. Want to separate yourself, your team, your coaches, or your program from the competition on social media? Go video.

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